Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Interiors house tour of Brisbane's western suburbs

Another MAD house tour is done and dusted.

This year the Australian Modern publishers, Chris and Susan, outdid themselves with a record number of 70 people joining in on all the modernist fun. The tour concentrated on four homes located in the Western suburbs of Brisbane - Toowong, Indooroopilly and Fig Tree Pocket.

The first home on tour was actually a charming 1923 Queenslander nestled in Toowong, a stone's throw from Mount Cootha. It was owned by a lovely artistic woman who so graciously welcomed us into her home. She told us some of the history of the house which has been in her family since it was built. The interior was a tribute to art and all things beautiful, collected over a lifetime. It was warm and inviting and exuded that feeling of home.

(Please excuse my photos which are poor iPhone quality on a wet and very overcast day.)
Front entrance of the 1923 Queenslander

Enclosed verandah.
I think the tiled coffee table is by Milton Moon 
The next home we visited was Jacobi House in Indooroopilly which was designed by iconic Brisbane architectural firm Hayes & Scott in the 1950s. I've already written about this home here if you are interested in reading more. The new owners are steadily restoring the home which was riddled with white ant damage when they acquired it in 2007.

A corner of Jacobi house in the front of the bookcase which partitions the main living area from the bedroom and bathroom.
We also had the pleasure of visiting Etlin House, designed by Hayes & Scott in 1963 and located in Fig Tree Pocket. The owners have made few alterations and have kept the essence of this mid-century home intact. It is also for private sale or rent in the New Year (if it was on my side of town, I'd snap it up instantly). You can email me if you'd like the details.

The owners kept the original cabinetry and updated the kitchen respectfully. Very cool.

One end of the central lounge room in the Hayes & Scott house. The art work is amazing.
The very last home we saw was designed by well-respected Brisbane architect Geoffrey Pie in 2010 for his daughter. We only viewed the ground floor of the two-storey Fig Tree Pocket home. The bottom floor was constructed from concrete and besser blocks. The property is prone to flooding and if ever the big flood happens again everything can be moved to the top floor, while the entire bottom floor can be hosed out in the aftermath.

This home was full to the brim with great art and decor.
exterior shot near the fire pit. Love the Casalas....
After the tour was over, we were all invited to Geoffrey Pie's family home (the adjoining property to his daughter's home) to eat the yummy lunch which was provided on the tour by super Susan. We were told to make ourselves at home and to enjoy, which we did!

His home is an old timber and tin building with wide verandahs. It is the epitome of a family home, much like the feeling of the first house we visited in Toowong. Again, it was full of art, photographs and objects collected over a lifetime...a real home with no pretensions. We were also allowed the privilege to view Geoffrey Pie's studio that contained 50 years of his archived architectural career.

front bedroom with yellow Mexican suzani
A corner of the dining room with Pandoro cake tins made into lamps.
And that concludes the MAD weekend. It was fabulous and I highly recommend anyone who is interested in great mid-century homes and interiors to join us next year! I'll let you know when the next one is scheduled.


  1. I had a cracker of a time, and have been itching to see your post. My mind boggles at what Chris and Susan accomplished that weekend, and how both remained, right to the end, faultless and accommodating hosts. I'm dying for the next tour because I love seeing all the beautiful homes and hanging with like-minded individuals such as yourself. Etlin House was too beautiful but beyond my budget. (Weeping)

    1. Oh no really? I didn't even ask the price...I tend to forget that what I like is rarely in our price bracket too. But wasn't it a great day? I felt like I was wiping drool from my mouth after visiting each house, they were that lovely and real. xx

    2. Great to finally meet you brismod! After all, i have you to thank for being there in the first place!!! It was so fun. Nice to see you again too mmmc, you're right about chris and susan. They're absolute pro's. until next time....xx

    3. It was so great to meet you too. And it solved the puzzle of the mystery blogger friend of mine who was attending all these events! Hope to see you again. And yes, Chris and Susan are treasures and have such great energy! xx

  2. Those are such gorgeous homes. It's always so interesting to see how other people live, and when they do it in style, it's even better. I always love seeing how people decorate as much as I enjoy the architecture, and these homes didn't disappoint.

    1. I love seeing inside homes. It's great inspiration especially if you are renovating. xx

  3. It's like walking on the set of Mad Men!

    1. It was! The homes were wonderful up close! x


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