Friday, 9 May 2014

A new mid-century dining suite

We had no particular desire to change our dining table when we moved to our mid-mod house...but when one of your mates rings up out of the blue and says they have a 1960s DQF dining table and chairs for sale, you can hardly say no? Surely?

DQF dining suite
Well, we could have, but we didn't! The dining suite is a perfect match for the is  also the very reason why we ended up moving to this house if truth be told. We went to the first open house inspection because I spotted a DQF dining suite in the real estate ad (you can read about it here). We would not have even bothered going to see the house if it weren't for the furniture. What a classic!

photo of when the previous owners owned the house
So it kind of seems fitting that we ended up buying a DQF dining suite. Ha! It's like it was always meant to be with the house.

For those not in the know DQF stands for Danish Quality Furniture which first began making Danish style furniture in Brisbane during the late 1950s. It was a family business set up by Danish emigres. They were renowned for producing the finest quality modern style furniture made in Queensland.

DQF dining suite
Our new old dining suite is very cool. I believe it is made out of black bean timber and the chairs are upholstered in black vinyl. The table is actually round but we have extended it to form an oval to accommodate our family during meal times.

The entire suite is quite petite. It is not made for big people. I guess it was produced in a time when people were traditionally shorter in stature and of a leaner postwar austerity measures build. Ha! You're constantly reminded of any excess weight you're carrying when sitting on the chairs, despite them being solid!

We are missing one rogue chair though. We only have five...Wish me luck finding it!


  1. looks stunning, love your new digs x

  2. It looks wonderful, goes with the floors and the house so well! We live in a late 1950's/early 1960's house and last year I inherited an Ercol table and chairs from that period and they look so much better in our house than the previous furniture that we had looked. Of course we are now gradually buying new (old) furniture to go with it and it really does suit the house and the space available so much better. You can see the table if you look back on my blog if you are interested at all. Hope that you love the table and that you find the missing chair one day! xx

  3. That is a beautiful set, and it looks perfect in your new house. You're getting everything pulled together so quickly, Anita. Everything you've done is fabulous.

  4. Can't wait for a house tour! x


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