Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Bindi weed is the bane of my life at the moment. The rain we've had in Brisbane over the past few weeks has made them get out of hand in our lawn.

Bindi, lawn and barefoot children are an unhappy mix.

I'm doing the old fashion thing and digging them out but it is such a tedious job. It's also overwhelming when there is so much of it in the lawn.

Bindi in the lawn

When I'm digging them out I often wonder how anyone could name their child after an evil prickly weed - it has no redeeming features. As  a result, I've developed a deep dislike for Bindi Irwin through name association.

Do you think I've left my run too late to spray them with herbicide? I meant to do it during the September school holidays but the timing has never been good with all the rain we've had.

Any good suggestions?


  1. I have an ex-partner who used to have a girlfriend called Bindi. I frequently referred to her as the noxious weed! And bindi in the garden when I was growing up. There's a lot of used to's in this comment isn't there!! I wish I had a solution for you but thanks for the trip down memory lane :)

  2. Haha.. it's funny that you should say that as I have often wondered why someone would name their kid (the same one) after a prickle too.

  3. You could put a crocodile called 'Steve' in the backyard ... the kids would be forced to stay inside ... and then they wouldn't get bindies in their footsies.

    (I don't like Bindies either).

  4. I have been told that weeds and bindis dislike rich well fed soil so another alternative to weed killer is actually to feed the grass with fertiliser or chick poo like say Rooster Booster which is super cheap at Bunnings, but super stinky aswell.It also encourages the good grass to grow and smother them. I think the trick with killing them is to do it before they grow the prickles on them otherwise even if you kill them the prickles will still get you...does this make sense? So you along with me...no surprises there...may have left your run too late. cheers Katherine

  5. I know what you mean about those bindis. I have been pulling ours out too. That and the clover that ends up in prickles. Like you I definitely want the kids to be able to run around the yard in bare feet. The other option for you id to get chooks as our chooks seem to eat the part that turns into the prickle.

  6. I don't think we have that is Tassie - just a million other annoying weeds, so I have no negative feelings towards the name :)
    How about boiling water?
    We've got to get rid of weeds from our lawn but have found weed 'n feed just makes them grow. I either dig them out by hand (quite addictive I find) or spray with round up and hope to miss the grass. You could then top-dress and re-sow some grass seeds. Sounds like a lot of work really!!

  7. My hubby is a weeds agronomist, I'll ask him when he gets home. He never sprays anything here, he mainly hand weeds. I asked him why not the other day and he said "I don't like using herbicides". I was speechless. To me that's like a dentist who prefers not to drill.

  8. Spray 'em again. That's way too much to dig out... A-M xx

  9. I am suprised that the weed association is the only reason you don't like Bindi I have others but actually I blame her mother for most of them.

    We don't really get Bindis here only in the coastal areas. But they do hurt your feet.

    Spray them with something toxic.

  10. Ok it's me back ( I just changed our picture to keep everyone on their toes) Mr M says there are broad leaf herbicides available. You need to go to your garden center and tell them what sort of grass lawn you have because some herbicides will kill the grass. (He reckons your weeds are actually called Jo Jos.) He also reckons it's not too late to spray them. He also reckons I should shut up now and have a piece of chocolate and a cup of peppermint tea!

  11. Well now that I've stopped laughing at Kerry's comment - the boiling water trick is a good one, and failing that, I say spray too!

  12. Yuk! I can't stand bindies - and once they are there they seem to take hold. I agree you should spray them.
    Sorry I haven't visited in a while, I have just had a lovely time reading through your posts and catching up. Sounds like you had a great time looking at all the local architecture - what a great opportunity. Michelle

  13. You are all hilariously helpful. So much advice for my Bindi!

    Katherine, you did make sense. I don't know if I could handle the smell...

    Jane, you're right the name is not the only reason for my dislike...

    The Moerks, I can't argue with an expert, so I'm going to get highly toxic "bindicide" or is that "jo-jo cide" and spray as a last ditch effort.

  14. I'm a Qld girl living in NZ...just love the photo of the bindis in the grass - very Qld!!!


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