Monday, 11 October 2010

Hopscotch French doors and demo yards

Being child free for most of Jason's birthday last Friday meant we were able to zoom around quite easily.

After a delicious lunch, we checked out two demo yards which are located on the southside of Brisbane, the Tarragindi Renovator's Barn and the the Demolition Yard at Coorparoo.  We wanted to see if they had French doors which match the existing hopscotch profile we have in the Sow's Ear.

We have a large doorway from the kitchen to the sunroom which is missing it's French doors. It would be good to close off the main core of the house during cold winter days or if we air-condition the house.

Hopscotch profile doors. image from here

No luck, unfortunately. However, it was still good to check out what they had.  If you saw how solid and lovely the old doors were, you'd never want to buy new doors ever again, if you could avoid it.  Our eyes are still peeled though.

Jason also got to drive around in his potential mid-life crisis. Be afraid for me, as I think my frugal ways will be affronted if Jason buys the sports car. The poor dear will be sentencing himself to DIY hell if he blows our money on the car!

Peugeot RCZ getting too comfortable on our property after a test drive!!


  1. Message to Jason: (Get the car mate, to hell with the DIY too.) End of message.

  2. But wouldn't you have such fun reupholstering the Peugeot's interior in Marimekko?

  3. I can see this practical car picking up supplies from Bunnings, and with all the kids in the back too. ;)

  4. Glad you had fun in the sexy car! You probably already know but there is the big red shed on Kelvin grove road, they might be worth a visit for your doors, cheers Katherine

  5. Oh it's a slippery slope - you know how hard it is to go back after test driving a new and improved model! We have friends who own a car dealership, and she has a new car every week. One of which was the exact same model you're looking at buying. DIY vs new car? Decisions, decisions. K xx

  6. I am with Tom. He should get the car. I am married to a car lunatic (he has had a 1967 Aston Martin and others too full on to mention). So I know what it is like. And if you want it, you want it.

  7. I'm on your side, tell him to be strong! lol

  8. yeah, go on jason get it!! and then make sure you post a picture of some french doors tied to the roof!

    i so love mise's comment. jxx


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