Sunday, 7 November 2010

Painting balustrades and a jackhammer

Part of our busy weekend saw Jason painting the deck balustrade.

It's kind of tough to squeeze renovating into the day when you have other things you need to do or places to go. First thing in the morning is always good because we are up so early.

Painted deck balustrade

Anyway, Jason is very pleased with how the deck railings are looking. They are being painted in stages.

We have opted not to paint the feature tulip rail a contrasting colour as is typical of Queenslander homes today. They will just stay white like the rest of the railings, as our preference is for a more seamless look.

Queenslander house painted in heritage colours. Notice how the feature rails are painted a different colour.
image from here

different angle of newly painted balustrade.
The top handrail is painted Dulux Peppercorn Rent which is a very dark brown. Jason is completely sold on this colour. I'm still not 100 per cent certain, but I am liking the final result.
Mr Rooney, our industrious builder, left behind his jackhammer for Jason to use this weekend. Late this afternoon he used it to make a start on removing a random concrete slab that is in our backyard.

He was a bit cranky today, so it was probably good that he got stuck into the concrete (rather than us!!). He seemed a lot calmer afterwards.

Jackhammer Jason


  1. A productive weekend and I like the result! I too prefer the tulip feature panel in white. The railing also looks great. Glad Jason is living up to blog renovating requirements in that he is shirtless. ;-)

  2. I love that peppercorn rent colour, and your choice not to paint a feature panel. Completely relate to renovating and too much to do. I hear ya sister! That balance of being in the moment with the kids, trying to achieve things, and all the other things the fairies have been neglecting at my house, make it a tough balancing act. :) x

  3. looking great! i like it all painted out in the white too. let the cut out be the subtle feature :)

  4. Looking good..I like the contrast of the peppercorn colour and the white. Glad the jackhammer provided some stress relief..Rachaelxx

  5. Maybe I need to borrow that Jackhammar of Tony's, you may be onto a new trend for stress relief. I really like the colour it is looking fab and I think it makes the area seem bigger not to have the rails broken up with a feature panel of colour, cheers Katherine

  6. Did you have to jack-hammer the cake-mix off the balustrade, or did you paint the jack-hammer?

  7. Your cranky builder is doing a very good job. Clearly you as chief foreman, official photographer are doing an excellent job too... the railing looks great. A x

  8. Jackhammering looks fun! Jason makes it look easy. I love your work ethic.

  9. I like the tulip panels left the same colour. We have random slabs as well (big ones) which we hope to deck over some day though our ideas keep changing. Jackhammering is a pain in the butt, so tedious!

  10. I love jack hammering...very therapeutic if you ask me! Really pleased you're not painting the tulip panel anything other than white, and i really like the top railing colour...goes really well with the deck. You're a clever pair :)

  11. yay for a white tulip panel! Looks so much nicer than the traditional contrast colour.

  12. man i need to get myself a jack hammer!! couldnt hear the boys arguing all weekend long if i was on the end of one of those.

    love hte balustrade colour - very clean and cool! xx

  13. It seems we have a love of chairs in common. Just spotted your casala's and little Kartell.
    P.S - handrail colour gorg.x


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