Monday, 8 November 2010

Work on the external stairs begins

I know someone who will be deserving of a nice cold beer this evening.

Mr Rooney, our determined builder, dug the post holes for the external side stairs today. Manually.

Normally such a job would be straightforward but very hard work...Unfortunately the old mango tree roots were an obstacle where Mr Rooney was digging which made the work that much harder.

He came prepared and used a small electric saw to cut through the roots which were underground.

Throughout the day, I could hear the occasional gasp of breath and long heavy sighs while I was pottering inside the house - poor Mr Rooney!

To his credit (and my amazement), not one curse or blasphemous expression escaped his lips...I think he needed to save his breath for lifting the ridiculously heavy steel posts, all by his lonesome.

Anyway, it is all captured with the magic, that is digital photography; for your viewing pleasure:

Mr Rooney digging

Digging some more

The post holes are dug. The steel posts are ready to be cemented in. Heavy duty, aren't they?

Mr Rooney catching his breath after checking the posts were level

The Concrete Taxi arrived. It is mixed on site.

A few wheel barrow loads of cement are needed for the posts

Mr Rooney troweling the cement

Mr Rooney, you really are a champ!


  1. Not one swear word after all that? Well, work with the nuns must be paying off!!!! Calming influence.. Looking good Anita, looking good. Great to be excited about stairs isn't it?

  2. Now I do not believe you that there was no that the real Mr Rooney? ha Maybe those Nuns are having a heavenly influence ha. Cheers Katherine

  3. I must be a bit daft but I had this idea in my head of Mr Rooney as a slightly paunchy silver haired middle aged man on the edge of retirement.

    I am quite stunned to see his perky form complete with rather nice thighs.

    A competitor for Jason.

    Forgive me. It has been a long week. Already.


  4. Mr Rooney does conjure images of Rumpole of the Bailey (not that he looks like a builder), but certainly a gentleman heading towards retirement, with an Irish accent. I've gone completely up the wrong garden path! What a spritely Mr Rooney you have!

  5. Anita, for some reason I had the same image as the others? Go figure... Mr Rooney does seem quite sprightly - look out Jason.. ;-)

  6. I'm with the others - I thought he was an old duffer! But no, check out those legs!! That sure looked like some job so go Mr Rooney.

  7. Yes, Mr Rooney is one of Brisbane's best kept secrets. The Nuns of Nundah are on to it though.

  8. And me! This Mr Rooney looks nothing like the Mr Rooney I was imagining. Does Mr Rooney have a first name?...

  9. Me too!!! This is more how I would be expecting Mr Rooney's son to look. Sheesh...this has really thrown me...

  10. Why did I think Mr Rooney was in his 50s? I'm all out-of-kilter now.

    Mr Rooney'd look good in a kilt. He's got the legs. But he couldn't wear a kilt digging those holes!

    Though is 'Rooney' irish?

  11. I'm all of a twitter too! I thought Mr Rooney was a balding old codger. Turns out he is rather toned and sporty a healthy thatch of hair. Lucky you to have your very own thoughtful Mr Rooney with pleasant man muscles to boot!

  12. It reminds me of the old (80's) TV show called Tool Time. Where you never saw the face of the neighbor Wilson.!

    Is Mr Rooney camera shy?

  13. god i love watching men at work... well, your pictures of them these last 2 posts !!

  14. My friends two builders were Smokin Hot so I couldn't understand how she ever got exasperated at the end with her reno. I'd forgive going past completion dates if they looked that damn fine ;-)

  15. I'm concerned that Mr Darcy, excuse me, Rooney, will soon quite eclipse Jason's fame and trouble will ensue. Should you post photos of Jason manfully dusting your collection of art glass?

  16. Mr Rooney, Tony to his friends, does have a face, and it's quite a nice one too! lol


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