Monday, 29 August 2011

Funky first apartment

One of our friends, Leanne has just bought a new (but old) funky apartment in a 1970s unit block. A bunch of us went to her place for brunch yesterday to check it out.

We even had a friend who is living in the US join us via Skype - she did not miss the grand tour, thanks to the magic that is the laptop. Classic!

Vintage dresser used as an entertainment unit

The apartment has great bones and is quite spacious.It also has fabulous black polished concrete floors.

Leanne's decor is vintage inspired. She told us her lounge suite cost her the paltry sum of $40. It actually looks fantastic in her place.

 Our friend Sarah who lives in Portland Oregon is talking to us on the laptop.
Leanne is planning to rip out the sliding doors on the back wall and convert it into open bookshelves.

Kinder Surprises framed

Leanne is a creative soul and can turn Kinder Surprises into art. See?

Love the concept of trapped toys on the kitchen window sill.

But my absolutely favourite thing in Leanne's place is this little nook.

Eames DCM chairs and large world map

Don't you just love the large map sitting above her kitchen table and chairs? The map is a gift from Leanne's sister to improve her geography knowledge.

I think the chairs are Eames DCM which were manufactured under license in Australia by Descon in the 50s. Just don't quote me on that though.

Anyway, thanks Leanne for the tour and a fun morning out. Love your new home! 


  1. It looks fabulous so much fun to get together no matter where you are - you could be in a tent but if you are with the ones you love to be with - it is a great time to be had.

    I love the map - I am a sucker for maps.

    have a great day


  2. What a fabulous flat. I love those floors with a capital L and bookcases will just make it even better. Good job!

  3. that looks sensational! and love her map too. I have one of hte WA stock routes rolled up and waiting for the 60's splendour, that photo is making me itch to hang it. x

  4. that concrete floor is perfection.

  5. Some people can pull a look together so effortlessly. The apartment looks great! Polished concrete floors look fab but oh so hard on the back. What a great effect too with the Kinder Surprise toys ... I don't suppose Happy Meal toys would quite have the same effect? ;-)

  6. You have a cool friend there, actually I think you have more than one!

    Tell Leanne that I love her flat. She's done a super job and it looks gorgeous. Really. Love. It.

    Actually, it's inspiring!

  7. I'm loving those floors! It does look nice and spacious too. Very cool :)

  8. Loving the black floor. What is it with maps - always just does the trick and looks fabulous on that wall.

  9. Wow what a great space - love those black floors!

  10. That is one cute unit. I love the map. It's like the big wallpaper one at Flight Centre- love looking at that and seeing where I've been and where I'd like to go.

  11. Very funky. I just couldn't take my eyes off the fabulous floors.

  12. Did you get under the chairs & look for details?? What a cool place & so well furnished, uncluttered & fun, with such fabulous flooring.
    Skype is fantastic, often my husband joins us for dinner via Skype & it's kind of Jetson's weird but keeps the children in conversation & in touch with their papa. He's coming in live, from Brisbane, to us in Canberra, yahoo. Love Posie

  13. So cool, it's all making me jealous ha maybe I could rent out the kids so I could get a funky flat .

  14. Lordy, it's gorgeous! In my days of unit-living, I never found anything as lovely as this.

  15. That apartment is diggity dog cool in EVERY aspect. I feel positively boring and envious, yet inspired. I like the way the 70's apartments are spacious.
    Skype is a marvel.

  16. Thanks for the great review of my new place. You are very kind (and so are your readers). I had a blast having all of you over - hope to do it again soon!


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