Monday, 22 August 2011

Painting insanity

Front of the house

Weekend conversation at the Sow's Ear:

 "It looks a bit overcast out there," I yawned while peering out the window on Sunday morning.

"Hm mm...that's no good...After brekky, I'll put on my painting clothes and I'll do the final coat of the front wall," said Jason.

"But it looks like it's going to rain," I looked at him oddly.

"Maybe I'll just paint under the eaves then," Jason suggested.

After a quick breakfast, Jason moved to the bedroom to change into his panting clothes. The house grew darker and the rain began to fall steadily outside.

"It's really raining now," I remarked a little too loudly to Jason, hoping he got the hint.

In other words: "Step away from those f%?#ing paint brushes. Move slowly. Have you completely lost your mind to even consider painting anything in this weather?"

"Yeah. Maybe I won't paint," he said.

Anyway, you'll be pleased to know the day was not a complete waste. The weather had cleared by lunch time. And guess what? Jason got changed into his painting clothes and painted.

Jason doing the moon walk on the trestles.
(You know he's Bad, he's Bad - You know it, you know)

Rainbow Lorikeet in our grevillea tree. 


  1. I wonder if Jason were to start a blog of his own, would he go at it with the same dedicated intensity with which he paints? He'd probably have two thousand followers by Wednesday.

  2. You know what's just as insane...I now look at the skies on the weekend and think " Oh clouds approaching, I hope Jason can paint." and then I think " I wonder where he is painting today" This may be a sign I need a more exciting life!!

  3. The man is possessed. I am starting to get concerned that when the Sow's ear is finished, he may have some sort of a breakdown, go into withdrawels etc etc. Feel free to send him over here to Betsy and we can detox him gradually, I may have chosen a paint colour by the time you have finished! melx

  4. Is there anything this man can't do? Really is there? Could you spare him a month to come and paint my house?

  5. Such dedication! Wish you could clone him for my house! Laughed at Misse's comment too. SO true!!!!

  6. What do you feed that boy to make him so energetic! Wait, it must be the pineapple.

  7. Is there a rehab place for painting addicts?!

  8. I did notice that Jason changed into his panting clothes first of all..I wonder what he was up to? Good to see he got his painting gear on at lunch time though and was able to plough ahead with his obsession!! lol

  9. He really is on a mission! Send him this way when he is done - PLEASE!!! ;-)

  10. I was walking down George Street this morning and I saw a lawyerly-type male with a shaved head and I thought, 'Goodness, it's Jason!' and my heart started beating a bit faster, but then I realised the lawyerly-type male with the shaved head was wearing a shirt, so couldn't possibly be the obsessed painter you're married to.

  11. It's looking really good!

  12. The new paint is looking so nice and fresh! Love it! It won't be too much longer before your house will look nothing at all like the picture at the top of your blog! :)

  13. MMMC, did he have paint on his ears? Did he walk really fast too? Because he doesn't like to dither, y'know. I'll have to ask if he was down that end of town. Maybe it was him? He'd be chuffed to be recognised I think. xx

  14. I have just stumbled across your blog, and look forward to following your progress!

  15. The transformation is already looking amazing! You chose a great colour too.

    Now stop dancing on the trestles, Jason and get back to painting!

    Best wishes,

  16. Pity that Lorikeet wasn't a Rosella. I understand you can make jam out of those buggers.

    Speaking of buggers. I see your mate Bob Katter's, brother is in the news then?

  17. At least the insanity can be confined to just the painting!

    TDM xx

  18. I admire his dedication! You're a lucky girl! A-M xx

  19. Hello Miss Silk purse

    It is hard to keep a good man down - Love the devotion and how could one argue.

    this rain (which we do need in Brisbane) has been painful - just tell it to come, rain heavy then buggar off!

    hope you have a lovely day


  20. Ah that's the spirit! My husband would be so proud!
    Sarah x


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