Monday, 19 December 2011

Vellum light and gingerbread house

We had a little pre-Christmas celebration with our very good friends on the weekend. Over to their place we went to have a delicious baked ham with roasted vegetables which were cooked to perfection. Yum!

Check out N's new light fitting. She plans to suspend it in their stairwell but it is temporarily parked in the dining area. I thought it was made from feathers when I first saw it from afar but it is actually made from vellum. 

Yes, tracing paper! N and her youngest daughter made it themselves. Clever. 

Vellum pendant light
 It reminds me of the Jeremy Cole Aloe light which is just fabulous. The one above is a creative alternative.

N's daughters also made a gingerbread (it was chocolate rather than ginger) house. They are such clever girls. It tasted as good as it looked.

Homemade is always so much better.

In direct contrast, the boys and I assembled a BigW kit-home gingerbread house a few weeks ago. It looked like a ghetto house rather than a gingerbread house. It tasted as meh! as it looked. No photos were taken; some things are best forgotten.

Look at these cute homemade vanilla-bread people. Just adorable.

That Christmassy feeling is definitely creeping up on us.


  1. Your friends are very talented! The light is fabulous and the gingerbread house, well, looks good enough to eat.

    I've never attempted a gingerbread house. It'd probably be on a par with yours hehe.

    TDM xx

  2. Did the Ikea one last year with my daughter. It was painful. And I mean that literally. Twenty burnt fingers later we ended up with a ghetto house too.

  3. so is the vellum heat proof do you think ....- I can see that in my sons room in rainbow colours ... is she going to do a tutorial :) I suppose if rice paper is heat proof vellum must be >?>)? le xox

  4. What a great lamp shade. Well done them.

  5. Those friends of yours are very crafty. (In a good way)

  6. Wow, that light looks incredible!

    I tried making a gingerbread house with a kit from Ikea last year. It was an epic fail.

    I ended up eating it on Christmas Eve after having one too many wines. It was pretty tasty xx

  7. The light is fantastic!

    I have always kinda wanted to have a go at a gingerbread house but dont like gingerbread lol! BUT! chocolate bread I would happily eat!


  8. Wow, our light made it onto your blog - cool! Thought I should give credit to the creators of the project - we got it from the 3 r's blog:

    Of course the original inspiration was that post-coffee shopping expedition in New Farm...

    After much research, we found it via the craft gawker app - it has heaps of cool ideas. Enjoy! x


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