Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cubby house mayhem

The kids are on school holidays, so we are up to no good here, there and everywhere.

On Sunday I was called away for most of the day and Jason was in charge of the boys. They were cleaning out the sandpit near the cubby house when I left mid-morning. It made my heart glad.

When I returned home late afternoon, my glad heart turned into a sad heart after I heard what the boys had been up to throughout the day.

It seems Jason thinks the boys have graduated into Master Painters and didn't think it was a problem to get the paint brushes out and let the boys paint the cubby house...by themselves...while he was in the shower...without drop sheets...in their school sport shoes...which were caked in paint when they tramped up the steps, leaving little white paint marks all over the back deck...Arghhh!

I repeat...Arghhh!

The poor old cubby house.
What was Jason thinking???

Anyway, looks like the cubby house has moved up on the renovating agenda. Lucky it's school holidays. We're waiting for a few good weather days to tackle it properly, under parental supervision.

It should be a fun project.


  1. Could Jason be deploying the time-honoured tactic of supervising young artists so poorly that he is never allowed to do so again?

  2. Such a cute cubby house ... I want to move in there.

  3. In the words of Michael Winner - "Calm down, dear". Let's not mess up the children by being too precious, my precious?

  4. Men! I love that playhouse though. Fantastic.

  5. Jason! Though perhaps it was well thought real life education from Jason for the boys - so they learn the need of painting clothes/shoes and drop cloths before he lets them loose in the big wide painting world ....

  6. I love the cubby house! I think they've done a great job. Can't wait to see what it looks like.

    I concur on the topic of fatherly 'supervision'. I come home and find my drawers and sewing things have been rifled through, photos strewn all over the floor, lipsticks turned to squashed mush inside their holders, and a whole lotta Porsche magazines on the bed. I know someone's been catching up on the Boxster Series while someone else has been having a right-old-time.

  7. This kind of thing happens at my place all the time, even if I've stepped out for 1 hour. I'm convinced the guys do this on purpose!

  8. Whoops...
    I agree with Mise though, it's a cunning plan on Jason's behalf to make sure he never has to be left looking after the kids ever again :)

  9. It is always the clothing issue that gets me with fathers supervising. My kids are always in their only posh Country Road outfit when they are chasing sheep/building bonfires/playing in the creek etc. How does it happen???

  10. Oh, I can relate. Oh too well!
    Husband, kids and time can be a dangerous thing! lol
    Hope the cubby can be resurrected?
    It is one cool cubby!
    Have a great day.
    x Jode

  11. Sorry, this made me chuckle. It happens at my house too. So often I come home to find the house in chaos and The Husband sprawled on the bed and the baby (2) covered head to toe in chalk/crayon/cocoa/paint/toilet paper.

    Good luck with the rest of the holidays. My elder two (8 & 9) have been confined to the house due to inclement weather. I'm praying for sun.


  12. Does Jason have paintbrushes for hands? Either that or he is contending for Painter of the Year because I don't know anyone who has such a penchant for the paint. Pretty lovely for you thou!

  13. Oh dear. You've got to laugh don't you. With all this rain I can't see you fixing it any time soon.

  14. Ha ha! The boys would have thought it was their lucky day!

  15. Jason Jason Jason ......that's all that needs saying really.....Jason Jason Jason! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall though when the boys were painting.... A moment of pure boy heaven...real paint and no parents. huckleberry Finn and Tom sawyer live on.


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