Saturday, 30 June 2012


Last night I attended the first of the MAD events which were organised by my friends Chris and Susan. It was similar to a Pecha Kucha night where designers, architects and enthusiasts presented 20 slides, with each slide taking 20 seconds to present.

Given that this was held in a 1960s house in the middle of suburbia, the calibre of presenters (and guests) was quite exceptional. Amongst the presenters was a who's who of Brisbane design -  Stuart Vokes from award winning architectural firm Owen & Vokes; Brian Steendyk, architect and designer of the famous Cero chair; Bud Brannigan, award winning architect who is designing the space at the Murwillumbah Art Gallery which will recreate the late Margaret Olley's chaotic Sydney art studio

Just fascinating stuff for a wannabe design vulture like me!

There were other presentations covering topics as varied as the demise of the Gold Coast motel, jewellery design, Japanese culture, the history of Australian travel posters, the preservation of the Russell Jack House by Analissa Capurro and an hilarious chronicle of Braniff Airways fashion.

All of my images from the evening were taken with instagram which is not working at the moment. Boo! I'll add them in later. 

 EDIT. Here are some of the photos from the MAD night.

There's nothing like a hostess of a party wearing an official hostess dress. Cuppa anyone?

This is Susan who presented the Braniff Airways fashion slides. She's dressed in vintage Pucci.
It was a lot of fun. I mistakenly thought it was a themed dress night  (that's actually tonight!) and wore a luminous 1960s orange pant suit. Yikes! Most everyone else was dressed in sombre Melbourne black. Rookie mistake!! I had to say that I dress like that all the time...

Orange pant suit. It was bright and the mirror was smudged.
I don't have a full size mirror, so you are spared the full retro impact!

Anyway, tomorrow is the interiors house tour. A few other bloggers and some Fun and VJs readers will be joining me on that tour. It will be a fantastic morning out. 


  1. Imagine sliding down an aircraft shute thingy in an emergency in a mini dress.
    The orange would have been a beacon of loveliness in a sea of sombre black. Sounds like a fun night.

  2. Oh you lucky thing! I'd love to attend something like that. Gold Coast motels - they bring back some great childhood memories :)
    I love that you wore your funky get-up, you no doubt put the black wearing people to shame.
    I was wondering what's happening to instagram - thought it was just me.
    ps the air hostess ensembles are the bomb!

  3. Poobah to Melbourne black I say. Any pics of the pants suit?- sounds amazing. My mum was an airline hostess for TAA in the seventies and the dresses and hats were similar- I only have black and white photos though. And what a fascinating creative bunch of speakers there last night, so great to hear Margaret Olley will have a dedicated gallery space in her home region. melx

  4. I did see some of your instagram pics last night and thought you looked gorgeous! Glad you had such a fun time.

    Have a great day tomorrow-the weather is divine for you!

    Best wishes,

  5. Lucky you! Looking forward to the pics! and thanks for giving us Melbourians some style advice :)

  6. I'll bet you cut the zingiest tangerine swathe through that sea of black! Wonderful images in my mind.

  7. so now what will you wear to the themed night - I have a rather fab dress if you want to borrow :) le xox

  8. Sounds like it was a fantastic night! I lost a day recently bumming round the interwebs reading about the Braniff uniforms, such classy uniforms.

  9. Dammit. I wanted to go to that and forgot. Sounds like such an interesting night. I would've loved to listen to all of those topics, particularly the demise of the Gold Coast Motel. So sad!!! I'll have to make contact so I can be organised to attend the next one. Would you mind giving me the details i might need?? .... xoxox

  10. hang on a minute, this is the same thing that you talked about on your blog a few weeks ago isn't it? Or am I thinking i've missed out on soemthing i was never invited to in the first place ....

  11. Oh EAP. What a shame you missed out. It would've been right up your alley. There's one of these events organised at this time of year, every year. I'll usually write a post when there is an open invitation like this one. Quite a few other bloggers came on the house tour yesterday as well.
    The motel talk was given by an architect who used to work in Heritage. Such an interesting talk about some of the motels that are now preserved just through imagery. xx

  12. Cool, thanks, i'll keep an eye out on your blog in the future. I did find your original blog post after i'd commented and shot an email through to chris too...covering all bases!!!x


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