Monday, 16 July 2012

Jason's holidays, sandcrab lasagne and insulation

Jason's started two weeks of annual leave today. I thought he was just going to mooch around and relax in his undies at the Sow's Ear for the next fortnight...I am so naive...

At 6.45 this morning he ordered some VJ sheeting to line the walls in our downstairs area. He wants to tidy up and neaten the area under the his leisure time. I think he's planning the ultimate man cave because that is realistically all we should do under there for the next few years.

We had coffee together after dropping the children to school and kindergarten - so rare to be by ourselves! Some people asked what we talked about... Directly behind Jason is a stairway to a cult, so we were sufficiently diverted by cult members
When we arrived home, the delivery person for the VJ sheeting was knocking on our front door. I tell you what, we didn't expect the delivery until the next day. It was a good surprise, but it also meant Jason was keen to start work.

As I've said before...if I could bottle his enthusiasm and motivation, I'd be rich. I'd also guzzle the first bottle because I just don't have his drive. God knows I need it.

Jason started insulating the downstairs walls - we had left over wool insulation from when the sunroom and deck ceilings were insulated.
He wanted to use it up as it was taking up space in the garage.
Note Jason's attire. He's in his good hipster street clothes as we were off to a romantic lunch together...
After insulating the entire downstairs area, it was time for a lovely lunch at Gillian's Garden Cafe in the Cottage Garden Nursery in East Brisbane. Now, there's a good idea if ever I saw one - eating first class food surrounded by lush greenery. It really was a great place to lunch.

I ordered the very famous Gillian Hirst sandcrab lasagne which I've never had before. OMG! Decadent with a capital D. It tasted like 1989 - in a good way. Jason had twice cooked lamb shanks which were also delicious.
All in all, it was quite a productive day with lots of little breaks in between to make it very enjoyable.

Insulated wall waiting for the VJ sheeting to go up


  1. I imagine the cult members have plenty of enthusiasm and motivation as well: should he join them? They may get discounted coffee.

  2. I'd love to watch a cult members' procession up some stairs. I love stuff like that.

    I will look up the address of the East Brisbane Garden Centre because I'm sourcing indoor palms circa 1978, and decent pots, this weekend. But I get nervous if I have to drive out of the western suburbs. Is there sufficient parking? I was a navigating wreck on the MAD tour.

    Keep the holiday posts rolling.

  3. The man is a machine! And almost as inappropriately attired as Legoman who prefers to chop down trees in holy shorts and bare feet. He is still pestering me for a chain saw too...... melx

  4. Anita - seeing all this progress on your house is making me very jealous! xx

  5. Wow I can't believe how much progress he made on the insulation just in one day. Amazing. There is no stopping him. If you ever do bottle that enthusiasm, send some my way too please ..... Fxx

  6. Are you sure he wasn't diverted by the workmanship on the stairs themselves. When I was in labour with somebody or another, my beloved was checking out the plasterwork in the delivery suite. This holiday mine laid concrete. Ah, the serenity!

  7. I love Jason. At least you're going out to eat! Love the cult stairs.

  8. Well, at least you got to go out for lunch, which looks great by the way. As I have said many a time, that man is a machine :)

  9. Yum, I love sand crab lasagne too...I buy it from a local deli as a dinner treat when my hubby has a man date at the footy :)

  10. You can get Gillian's lasagne in take home one person serves, as an aside they were very popular for Good friday lunches.I'm with MMMC I am intrigued by this Cult above a coffee shop...does the cult have anything to do with worshipping coffee? The Garden centre has a really small car park or there is street parking in Edgar Street or if you are lucky on either side of Stanley ST east, a lot of people think you can only park on one side but as it is a one way street you can park on either side. xx Katherine

  11. Looks like a lovely day, that cafe looks gorgeous, and the sand crab lasagne, something I haven't tried. Your house looks like a great project! Mxx


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