Sunday, 28 October 2012

Busy weekend working on the Sow's Ear

There is always something to do on the Sow's Ear. That's just the nature of home maintenance and of looking after an older home.

With the windy overcast weather today, we decided to oil the timber of the side staircase that Mr D and Scotty built a few months ago. That was the final thing to be done on the staircase now that it has been completely painted. It will probably need a couple more coats as the timber just soaked up the decking oil like a sponge.

Newly oiled decking and treads on the exterior stairs

We also bought a few bags of black polished river stones to fill up a disused garden bed that is located near the rainwater tank where Jason built the new valance. This spot usually just fills up with leaves...we thought the stones would make this area look a little more loved.

black polished river stones. We bought the 30mm - 50mm size stones.
Jason's valance building is becoming more prolific and he started a new set of decorative valances under our bedroom. There's no stopping him...except for the fact that he ran out of timber!!

Another valance for under our bedroom  Work stopped after Jason used up all his timber  supplies.
We also did a very severe prune of our lilypilly bushes, I forgot to take a picture but I will show you in the next post to illustrate that pruning is not done half-heartedly around here!


  1. Do you guys never stop? Amazing. What kind of timber did you use for the decking? x

  2. Honestly, you and Jason are like automatons. You just keep going, going, going. The Sow's Ear is looking fantastic.

  3. There is going to come a time.. not long now... when you are going to have to stop calling it The Sow's Ear.

    The side stairs look magnificent.

  4. it's going to looking pretty schmick for Christmas. Has the sows ear been nominated to host the family Christmas lunch?



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