Monday, 8 October 2012

Weekend activity

What a jam-packed weekend we had at the Sow's Ear!

From attending a very glamorous wedding...

Beautiful St Mary's in Kangaroo Point

Our dear friends L and J outside the church
The most exquisite menu at Restaurant II. Delicious!

where I drank so much I thought I could dance really really well...fortunately I didn't drunk Instagram those images...

To hosting a dinner for Jason and his work mates the very next night...while nursing a major hangover...

I baked this ham using a maple honey glaze. It was quite an easy glaze and tasted good.

to celebrating Jason's birthday somewhat more quietly...

Lemon Coconut cake makes a tasty birthday cake

A miniature Peugeot was a gift from Jason's parents...hoping it will be more reliable than the big one...


  1. Would have loved to see Instagram shots of both the dancing and also your outfit! Looked like a fab wedding. Happy Birthday Jason ;-) Fiona xx

  2. Eat, Drink and be Merry! OMG, what a divine menu - how on earth did you choose? xx

  3. Oh those drunk tweets would have been a hoot! A-M xx

  4. Do we get to see yourself in your wedding-attending splendour? Jason's cake looks delicious.

  5. Yeah...I'm glad I refrained from taking selfies on the dancefloor...I was busting my go-go moves...not good!

  6. This time last year we went to a wedding at St Mary's. It is such a lovely old building. The menu looks amazing!
    What's in that ham glaze? It looks goooood!
    Congratulations to Jason and to the Peugeot on its new baby.

  7. That menu is amazing. I want one of everything! Your ham looks delicious too, as does the cake. I just finished lunch of leftover stew, and you've made me hungry again.

  8. What a busy weekend you had! Wedding looked gorgeous, as does all that food! Have a great week.x

  9. You must be stuffed! Looks like it was totally worth it though.


  10. One word.... Tragic ! Ha happy birthday Jason!

  11. thrilled that your Ham Handling yielded such ham tastic results!

  12. I know it's the bane of your lives, but the Pug is a sexy little number, isn't it?

  13. I'm sad we didn't see pics of your dancing at the wedding. Surely someone took some that you could share? Happy Birthday to Jason! No doubt the mini version of the car will be far less hassle!

  14. C'mon lets see the dancing - there must be one out there somewhere!!

    Hope Jason had a grand bday, and that ham looks sensational!


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