Friday, 15 February 2013

House history: another Zoila book...

This blog has been great for finding out historical information about the Sow's Ear which completely fascinates me.

I received the most curious email from the UK last week regarding one of the original owners of the Sow's Ear - dear old Zoila. For those of you who are new to Fun and VJs, you can read all about the house history posts here.

For long time readers, to refresh your memory, Zoila Stables owned the Sow's Ear with her siblings and was also a published author. From what I could find out, she only wrote one book called Tare Harvest ( a novel about a pioneering family in Argentina) and had a number of poems published at university.

However, this new email alerted me to the fact that there may be another book she wrote called Whom the Gods love: a romance story by Zoila Staples (note the typo) published by Stanley Paul in 1936.  The author of the email is researching the fiction writers of British publisher Stanley Paul and somehow stumbled onto my blog.

Apparently, Radom House Archives said that this was a typo and that Staples should in fact be Stables, but there was no other information to identify the author further.

Whom The Gods Love  by Zoila Stables jacket image from here

So, now my mission is to track down a copy of this 'new' book. If I put it out there, perhaps a copy will come my way...

I'll keep you posted if I have any luck.


  1. Good luck with your search. I too have been wanting to dig up some history on the "west end cottage" - I just haven't had much spare time of late. However Magnus @ "a house in Auchenflower" has put up his hand to do all the hard work for me. Hope to share some interesting facts soon. xx

  2. It is truly fascinating that you've learned so much about the former owner already and even more interesting that someone would contact you out of the blue with more information. You inspired me to try to find out about the original owner of my house, and I learned where he went to high school and college, as well as the fact that he was a mortgage banker. Now I want to know more!


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