Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mini bathroom makeover

A momentary flash of inspiration struck Jason on the weekend. He initially wanted to paint the bathroom windows and the inside of the bathroom door, however it has morphed into a slightly bigger crusade.

The bathroom is the last room in the house which is painted in the old clotted custard cream colours  - the entire Sow's Ear had a cream palette when we first bought the house. The bathroom was extra special because it even had a cream coloured ceiling.

bathroom in a Queenslander 

We're not in the position to do a major renovation ( ie complete gut) of bathroom just yet. We'd love to but  it's not on the cards just for the moment. For now it will be a low-cost spruce which includes new window architraves, new window fittings and white gloss paint. Most of these improvements will be kept for the bigger renovation down the track.

Traditional bullnose and scotia and new architraves for the windows

New architraves for the small window above the loo. We will try to source a new  decorative window for this spot.
The ceiling was cleaned and then painted. It was a hot mouldy mess before.

The biggest surprise about this little makeover is that Jason bought chrome window fittings... Brass loving Jason has conceded and bought chrome for the bathroom. We have been waging a brass vs chrome war for the past three years and I will finally have a touch of chrome on the windows. Ha! I'm not sure who I'm married to any more?

chrome casement window stays
the white ceiling is a winner!

There's still a fair bit to do until the makeover is done but so far it is a vast improvement to what was essentially a very tired bathroom.


  1. Hello Anita;
    In certain instances, such as this, a dash of chrome really can make all the difference and give a touch of modernity without too much in the way of expense.

  2. Go the chrome! We did brass in the older part of our last house and chrome for the more contemporary extension, have to say it is my preference too. Have you thought about painting your bathroom tiles white with that paint that goes over tiles? And about your kitchen, was just recently admiring your gorgeous open shelving and reminding myself that soon I'll have a set too, your kitchen is lovely as is and the granite/white walls looks fantastic, and probably a more sensible decision than sensitive marble with children. mel x

  3. Looking good, really fresh.
    It had to be chrome, with the other fittings in the room.

  4. Isn't white paint just so therapeutic all round! Mini renovation looks great. How I love those windows!

  5. Looking good! How're your shower curtains going? Are they still the same ones you bought a while back?

  6. It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. Your bathroom looks bright and beautiful. It's making me rethink the color I had picked for my apartment. Maybe I'd be happier with white.

  7. Hi Anita - I bet the coat of white paint has made a considerable amount of difference already. As I'm a bit of a "chrome" girl myself, I'm with you on this one. xx

  8. Looks so much better already-I love the difference paint makes!! Chrome is def a winner in the bathroom!!

  9. Paint makes a world of difference. We were talking last night about fixing up our kitchen. Basically the only thing we can afford to do is paint it! It would make a difference though.
    I love your bath - how nice is that. Your bathroom looks so nice and sunny too :)

  10. very nice job , i like your blog and keep update , i got positive idea from this

  11. It's exciting to see these chnages you are making, having gone through so similar myself. A fresh white ceiling really does make a world of difference. Lou x

  12. The white ceiling made a big difference! I like how you have mr.rubber ducky looking out the window. Have you thought of putting a pretty yellow or patterned shower curtain with some yellow in it to play off the yellow glass in the windows? I think that would look fab!

    The 'hot moldy mess' cracked me up!


  13. Sometimes it just takes a few changes to improve the whole room, love your new white ceiling and windows. We've done the chrome window stays in the bathroom as well so they match the sink fittings. Hot moldy mess,ha that was the reno cottage (oh and the urine smell)!!!

  14. What a difference the small things make! Thank goodness! Looks great.

  15. Light and calm, just looking at it I think this is a good place to consider after a long day of work and soak on your tired body on that tub without any problems to think and solve.

  16. Anita, looks like tonnes of work happening at the Sow's Ear !! your xmas sounds like ours !!

    Wait till u see our bathroom at "the happy little queenslander" Blog to go up soon, ur bathroom above is a palace compared to ours :) so when u finish u could do our bathroom reno ! lol

    Must do a Blog on the Sow's Ear and how u guys inspired us to Blog ours !!


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