Monday, 11 November 2013

A-mulching we will go...

Heigh-ho the derry-o, a-mulching we will go.

Jason sporting a new look this summer - the akubra is his chapeau of choice this season... 

This past weekend we've concentrated on mulching the back yard garden beds at the Sow's Ear. We had some leftover sugar cane mulch from the front garden makeover and bought another few bales to make a decent start.

This part of the Sow's Ear garden has been neglected for a while...Mulching it forces us to weed it!
It's a good project to tackle, as it forces you to weed the garden beds at the same time. Yikes!

We weeded out all the unwanted little nasties, placed a few layers of newspaper down and then covered it with a thick layer of sugar cane mulch. It instantly lifts the yard - from complete neglect to looking 'cared for' after a morning's work. We'll try to finish the rest of the garden over the next few weekends.

The mulch will keep the soil around our plants nice and moist and give us bang for our buck every time it rains or when we water.

The weather has been incredibly dry and all our plants are suffering from the lack of rain. No matter how much we water, it doesn't seem to be enough to make them thrive...they are just barely existing.

Fortunately, there is rain and showers predicted for all of this week which will be the opportune time to fertilise.

Is anyone else getting into gardening this summer?


  1. You're right about the miraculous transformative powers of mulch. How can something so simple make your yard look so much better? Yours is looking great.

  2. I agree!! Great job you guys! Now, who climbed that tree for the third pic? It's an amazing view of the house and garden! xx

  3. Love mulch! Looks good and useful. Double tick in my books. Fingers crossed for decent rain-our lawn is so brown and crunchy! xx

  4. Mulch is the way to go. Late autumn here and more rain than we know what to do with. Fancy a swop?

  5. Nice work although it must have been hot work too. Here's hoping to a week end trapped inside with rain and cool air and kids cramming for exams!

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  7. F'ing heat. Glad to see Jason's akubra'd-up. The mulching looks great and it does wonders for the garden. I love the smell of sugar cane mulch, and a little bit goes so far ... it also retains the moisture. Clever family.

  8. If you don't think the plants are picking up fertiliser from the soil, then maybe give 'foliar' feeding a go. I use 'Powerfeed' in a hose-on pack and it really does work wonders. House looks great :-)


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