Wednesday, 20 November 2013

When things break..

One of the light fittings on our rangehood is busted. We were trying to change the light bulb and in the process we broke the actual light fitting (I'm using the royal we, and it wasn't me for a change..!).

Jason inadvertently took out the whole fitting and in the process broke the locking mechanism which keeps the light in place. Every time we pop the light back into its space it just pops right out again (imagine the seething rage and then mutterings of 'poor design' from dear old shirtless Jason). We now have this light fitting dangling out of the rangehood over the pots and pans!

It actually dangles a lot more than this but you get the picture from this image.
It should sit flush rather than as it is now

It needs to be replaced and mostly as a matter of pride - it is a constant reminder of a silly mistake...much like when I broke our new fence (read here). And Jason hates to be reminded of his mistakes perhaps a blog post is not the best thing for it...?!

Rangehood and its broken light fitting

Anyway, I'm on to the task of sourcing a new light fitting. I'm trying to get the spare part online in the first instance. Who knew there were sites purely dedicated to rangehood spare parts?

So far it is looking promising and we will hopefully be able to erase all evidence of how not to change a light bulb on a rangehood.


  1. Poor Jason! I'm sure that is a nasty reminder of his lapse in handiness. My late darling Carl did something similar to your gate-crashing. He walked into the garage...preoccupied and in a hurry, got into the car and started to back out...without opening the garage door. Like Jason, he wanted that door replaced as quickly as possible to destroy all evidence of his culpability. haha

    1. Erasing the sins quickly is what it's all about around here! Ha! xx

  2. Snap! This happened to us (My husband) with both the lights. We've been told it can't be fixed but that it requires a new hood altogether. I didn't even want one as there is a window next to it. It came with the Ilve oven so we didn't realize how expensive it was to replace. Yesterday the dishwasher died. At first it just kept trying to pump water, then the genius had a tinker with it and it won't even turn on. Our kitchen was done seven years ago so we figure it's some kind of seven year itch. Hopefully that's it.....except for the back stairs and the front door......

    1. You actually made Jason feel better - at least he's not the only one. I finally found a light fitting on Friday which is being sent up next week. Such relief as we really didn't want to have to replace the whole bloody thing. Imagine! How wasteful would that be. Anyway, cross fingers that it works out for us. We're wating for the next thing to go kaput now. xx


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