Saturday, 12 December 2009

Christmas Food

Today, I learnt how to:

bake a ham,

Baked ham dotted with star anise and glazed in a hoisin and plum sauce

char grill some vegetables,

zucchini, sweet potato, pumpkin and red capsicum

debone a chicken to make a roulade with hazelnut stuffing and cherry sauce,
(I thought it was prudent not to photograph this deboning step. Consider me an expert though.)

make tiny plum puddings,

My partner in crime was Susie Homemaker. She is adept at dolloping cream.

eat the results,

a simple feast (not sure who that lady was but she kindly posed anyway)


pud for one surrounded by a sea of brandy custard

and got some great ideas for a no-fuss Christmas meal to feed the masses.

All this was done at the airconditioned (man, it was hot today) Ilve showroom in Coorparoo for their Christmas Masterclass.

Our oven rocks. Oh and I ate too much.


  1. Hot ham? Hot ham? OMG, I love that stuff (my husband loves it more and will carry on about it for weeks!). I am drooling. Wish I was good a cooking and I might give it a go? Ha! Who am I kidding? I will just have to pretend and imagine I ate yours!!

  2. YUM! Can I come over for Christmas!

    I was thinking of doing a glazed ham this year actually-was it a good recipe?

    Take care and best wishes, Natasha.

  3. Hey that looks great. Deboning a chicken is a worthy skill, Now you can move on to deboning duck and rabbit (much harder because they have less meat on them!!) xoxo

  4. Oh yum!!! What fun, I have oven envy haha, cheers Katherine

  5. Yum... I need to learn to cook like that!

  6. How could you NOT eat too much Anita when it all looks so good! I have my Mum's beetroot in jelly to look forward to for Christmas lunch:-/ Oh well, it'll be worth it to be with family :o)
    Merry Christmas.

  7. How lovely, and pretty much what I'll be having for Christmas lunch this year. Mind you, I see now that I'll have to downsize my Christmas puddings for added delicacy.


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