Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Organisation. Home organisation. Or should I say ikea?

Much to Jason's dread we trekked to never never land where ikea is the shining beacon. I read in the newspaper recently that people don't actually go there to buy furniture; they go there to eat. They pack up the family and breakfast, lunch or dine there and perhaps they may even stay overnight...

It's cheap and cheerful. We probably wouldn't make a visit expressly for the food but we certainly didn't rebuff the $1 hot dog or 50 cents ice-cream cone when it came our way...

Our main reason for the visit was to find a way to organise the boys' rooms. Jason went off the idea of building shelves in their built-in wardrobes -  it would limit the hanging space they would need when they are older. A stand-alone solution would be better and easier.

So on our rather limited post-Christmas budget we bought two storage units to shove into their wardrobes. Cheap and cheerful (much like those hotdogs), but more importantly - organised. It's okay that they are utilitarian because they are behind closed doors anyway.

We also bought two Lack  floating shelves for the children's room - a place for their treasures. My favourite thing about these shelves is that they don't need visible brackets; they appear to float from the wall. Again, it is simple and affordable.

an eight year old's vignette on ikea lack shelf

affordable antonious wire storage from ikea for inside a child's built-in wardrobe

The boys' rooms are more organised since the ikea trip. I'd like them to start the New Year the way I want them to finish it. Wish me luck.


  1. The shining beacon of IKEA is perfect for that sort of thing - I wish I had one within 300 miles of us - always a fun trip! I'm home doing the very same as you today - cleaning out and organizing.

    P.S. Thank you for the Homie award nod, Anita!


  2. Anita.. I Love IKEA! The nearest one is about an hour & a half drive.. I'm really enjoying my Ektorp furniture!

    Maybe it's a good thing it's not closer to us..I'd probably be in there every week!

    Hugs ~ Teresa

  3. My husband used to crave a trip to Ikea whenever he was feeling depressed. He got over that craving in recent years, with all the trips necesitated by work on the house.

    Sorry about the old Osama pic. And thanks for your patience.


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