Monday, 14 December 2009

It's a jungle out there

Well, it was until we pulled most of it out.

Side garden - the rainforest side

We've been paying some attention to our neglected side yard. There were thick Tarzan-like rope vines choking our plants and trees which we have now dug out ( I swear I could swing from these vines they are that huge).

We have quite a few thirsty rainforesty plants growing under a canopy of larger trees. Not ideal when most of South East Queensland is under water restrictions because of the drought. There are Never Never plants, lush ferns and bromeliads crying out for rain. Fortunately, we have a 3000 litre rainwater tank but it will run out of water if it doesn't rain soon.

We have thinned this side garden out a bit, so that it is more manageable and the good plants don't have to compete with the bad plants. Gone are most of the sword ferns which I hate so passionately (apparently they make a good indoor plant because they remove toxins from the air).

We are starting to accumulate quite a few piles of garden waste (we have another pile in the front yard). A trip to the dump might have to be on the cards this Christmas.

Slowly, slowly the gardens are improving.


  1. Gardening is such a big job isn't it? Ahh give me a lounge room anyday HA!

  2. Good on you. I hate all that pulling out. And wouldn't it be cool if we could still burn off!!

  3. Wow you have been working hard! It is incredible how dry and hot your (endless) summer is when we have had so much rain here over the ditch! (I don't like those ladder ferns either!)

  4. I've got weather envy now, Amanda!
    And Jane, I'd love to burn off but knowing my luck I'd take the house with it.

  5. Oh please Santa can we have some rain for Christmas!! You are brave to garden in this heat.cheers Katherine

  6. Water restrictions? It can be hard... Good luck with the garden. It is so difficult becasue at first you have to do all kind of hard and uninteresting jobs before you can actually start with the more creative and fun part.

  7. You ruthless woman you!! Getting rid of all those toxin reducing plants. I hope you've transplanted them inside then (NOT).
    Cook, decorate, garden... IS there anything you can't do?


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