Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Is it just me or are geckoes taking over the world?

I've lived in Brisbane all my life and I can't ever recall seeing geckoes gallivanting so blatantly when I was younger.

One of two geckoes playing in our front entry last night

They seem like they are colonising the house. Actually, when Jason removed the old outdoor lantern on Sunday, he disturbed a nest of gecko eggs inside the cavity. I would've taken a photo, but I was too busy dry retching at the sight.

Reptiles are not my cup of tea I'm afraid. Let me rephrase. I'm afraid of reptiles.

My nightly view while I'm tapping away on the laptop is of geckoes suctioned onto the outside window playing cat and mouse with the bugs. It is a very mesmerizing David Attenborough experience as I observe these little lizards gobble up their meal. And they don't even know that I'm watching.

I know they are a good to have around to eat up all the bugs and spiders but...they really love what we have done to the place and seem to be moving in!

Our gecko problem is exacerbated by the fact we have no fly screens on our windows and because we don't have air conditioning we need to have the windows opened during summer.

Another project: how to flyscreen a Queenslander house...


  1. Oooh I love Geckoes. My phobia is those horrible huge huntsman spiders. VoilĂ  a good reason to live in France. Few geckos and NO huntsmans!!

  2. I love geckos. They remind me of Bali. None in Melbourne. Are you allowed to poison them? Only joking, but I wander if they reach plague proportions what you would do?

  3. Hate to say it but they look quite cute, in a reptilian sort of way! And I'm absolutely petrified of spiders, daddy longlegs, let alone a huntsman huge horrible thing, so like Ange, give me a gecko over a spider anyday. Thank goodness they haven't managed to get themselves over the Tasman!

  4. Geckos are okay outside of the house. They still freak me out.

  5. Oh Anita, don't get me started. You have hit a nerve with me. I am phobic about huntsmans, geckos, cane toads, bats...you name it and I have become some-what of a recluse since moving to Aus. especially at night when they are all on the move. I won't eat outside once the sun starts going down,ugh. What I can't understand is why these things are protected when there seems to be an over-abundance of them all! I check behind the sun visor every time I get in the car and I shake my towel out before using it. I think I need therapy:-/
    France is sounding pretty good right about now.

  6. Oh I love gheckos and used to get them in the house all the time when I lived in Brisvegas....what I couldn't handle were all the darn cockroaches! It's getting so humid in Melbourne now, they've started breeding down here too. UKK!! They're awful!
    The chooks love them as a snack though. lol

  7. Hi Anita, My husband and I were discussing this only last night, we have two fellows that seem to be living behind my smoke detector in the lounge, they are kind off creepy but they do eat the mozzies..but don't they make a mess with their droppings!! The gauze thing is an issue for us too i don't like gauze but often suffer the consequences with mozzies and flies and other creepy crawlies,cheers Katherine

  8. i don't know if i am freaked out or i want to grab one and put him on my shoulder...

    here in the deep south USA, we have cockroaches aka palmetto bugs. and they are huge. the size of mice. and so far i have had 4 in my bed in the last 3 months. talk about gross.


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