Thursday, 4 February 2010

Spiky statement - dracaenas and agaves

The stolen goods were planted today. They are planted in a row along the front garden bed and are looking very groovy albeit a little knocked around - those agave leaves bend and snap easily.

We are going to plant agapanthus between each agave, but I haven't sourced my supplier just yet. I'm also  planting dracaenas on each corner of the garden bed to make a spiky statement.

I was a bit over-enthusiastic with my daylight raid at my brother's and have more plants than I really need.

Anyway, this is what I did with one of my dracaena cuttings:

dracaena marginata are commonly used as indoor and outdoor houseplants

Since buying the Sow's Ear, visits to the florist (who am I kidding? I buy flowers for myself at Woolies) are a luxury, and what flowers I do use in the house are what I can scrounge from my (or my brother's) garden.

Usually it's foliage, because leaves tend to last longer than flowers.


  1. Perfect camouflage for the Kitchen-Aid - that's the first black one I've seen. It looks good!

  2. I know someone who has some purple agapanthas, I will ask them if I can grab some if you like,I think they have stopped flowering now. It may not be as many as you need but they would be a start, cheers Katherine

  3. They look great. I also like foliage for the inside. Nothing more annoying than expensive flowers which look fresh and drop dead two days after purchase. In fact I have willow branches in a vase in one room - they never never die because they are already dead.

  4. Katherine - you are so sweet to offer - I'm just lousy, so don't go to too much bother for me. How funny would it be if my garden was made by the blogging community!!

    Mise, the kitchen aid was a gift from Jason - a gift which keeps giving back as he says.

    Jane, I think dead things are perfectly fine for decor, but that's my inner-goth speaking.

  5. I bet you worked up a sweat out there planting in the heat today (am I being presupmtuous suggesting you did the planting yourself?)
    At least your plants will be suited to the warmer climate and won't take much maintaining, if any!

  6. Ange, shockingly it was me, but I would've delegated if Jason was around. He's a better digger.

  7. I adore these plants. "Drought hearty" I believe they're described as. Well, as my gardening motto is along the lines of "a bit healthy neglect never hurt anyone", they fit in really well around here. Gorgeous arrangement next to the Kitchen-Aid! Meredy xo.

  8. Thank GOD you didn't take a bigger car afterall!!


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