Saturday, 27 February 2010

Kitchen Collage and Kitchenism

The Picasa collage thing is very enjoyable, so I did a quick collage of our still newish kitchen.

I didn't realise how opinionated people were about decor until I started reading design/home blogs. And when it comes to kitchens there seems to be some very passionate views being aired about the best type of benchtops, cabinet materials, appliances, colours etc. etc...

A new scourge in our troubled world - Kitchenism!

In Blogland there appears to be an anti-granite fraternity, a white kitchen insurgency group, anti-visible microwave lobby, "say No" to the island bench movement and countless other kitchen factions. It's enough to give a good-natured suburban renovator a complex!

I don't see why it would matter if you are not the person using the kitchen? Shouldn't we show more tolerance?

From my perspective a kitchen is only as good as the food that is produced in it. The best food I have eaten has usually come from a non-designer kitchen - my Mum's.

Good food produced in a gorgeous kitchen is just a pleasing aesthetic bonus. However, there is much disappointment if "friends" with a fab looking kitchen just re-heat party sausage rolls for a sit-down dinner party (we don't eat there anymore because we are Foodists - yet another scourge).

Anyway, I hope my kitchen doesn't annoy your kitchen decor sensibilities.


  1. I Completely agree - judge not and so on. Practicality has to be the key consideration. AM did a post linking to others about the no overheads cabinets movement - which is lovely but where do you put all your stuff.

    I think your kitchen looks great. xoxo

  2. Well, you know how much I love your kitchen, especially the stunning granite bench tops!

    I have got a bit of Kitchen Aid envy now...I would love one of those mixers and yours looks perfect in that corner.

    Great mosiac too!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

  3. Haha... good post! I love someone with an opnion! Well, I love your kitchen :)

  4. I guess I'm a bit of a Kitchenist too - my message to the planet is that a kitchen should be one of the main household family rooms, because that's how I remember my mother's and grandmother's welcoming rooms. Your kitchen is lovely, and I'd like to give special mention to your kitchen-aid, subway tiles, and lovely cakestand. I admire how you've managed to achieve a clean, white look without bleakness.

  5. How funny...and yet so true!! We are a judgemental lot. I admit i am a bit ashamed of my poor old kitchen with its fading laminate and wooden, yet the poor old thing does thejob a treat...not to mention my stove, which I admit I love as it is gas and has 6 elements and a warming oven..but alas is probably from 1975... Your kitchen is wonderful,and i love how you have added your retro touch with the stools and glass collection, cheers Katherine

  6. I'm with the food movement too. The best kitchen is the one where food is prepared lovingly and where friends can drop by to laugh or cry over a cuppa or a wine at a moment's notice. Where there is always a cuppa handy and just enough crumbs on the bench to be healthy ;-) ANITA - you've restored my faith in the world.

    The day I left 'decorating' was the day a couple said to me, 'YOu make all this great furniture and chandeliers etc - are you a 'decoration coach as well?' I just told them I thought decoration was a matter of personal taste and if you like the set of dusty purple fake grapes on your kitchen counter, then who am I or anyone else to tell you to get rid of it!!' A house is meant to be lived in - anything else is just the icing on the cake as you say...

    Have to admit though - I don't like overhead cupboards. But then, I'm 1.6 m short and get annoyed pulling stools out to reach high cupboards. But that's just my practical issue. Other people can do what they want in their own houses - I just want the company and food when I go there ;-)

    Love ya Anita

  7. OMG look at your ceilings... my first criteria in my next kitchen... beautiful high ceilings! Love your benchtops, open shelving, subway tiles and cupboard wall... perfect. Overhead cupboards without looking like overhead cupboards... you have inspired me to plan a cupboard wall in my next place. Love the bench stools too. I go through phases... I was obsessed with incorporating a piece of free standing furniture into my current kitchen this time around... next time...more integrated but in a subtle way. Love planning kitchens! A-M xx


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