Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mr Rooney's Back

Is it Australia Post? Is it Avon?  No, it's Mr Rooney!

The glint of hi-visibility workwear can only mean one thing around here; Mr Rooney, our intrepid builder, is back on the job.

His unenviable task is to replace the missing exterior timber weatherboards from where we installed the salvaged windows in the sunroom. Mr Rooney must stagger all of the joins to ensure the weatherboards appear seamless.  Ha! I think Jason is grateful not to be assisting with this one.

There is quite a bit of preparatory work involved but it will be worth it to make sure it is done properly. 

Mr Rooney assured us that we won't be able to pick the difference between the new and old weatherboards when it is finished and painted.


  1. Wow..I like Mr Rooney..he sounds like just the man for the job!

  2. Yay. thought it was time for a good dose of Rooneyisms. Shirtless Jason optional but always a bonus.

  3. More pictures of Mr Rooney's back?

  4. I so need a Mr Rooney around here... ;-)

  5. I wish I knew Mr. Rooney. I love your windows, by the way.

  6. I wonder if that is the first time Mr Rooney and Avon have been uttered in the same sentence?


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