Sunday, 15 May 2011

Ramsign Giveaway Winner

I had a little blogging break last week. I hadn't actually intended to have one and then when Blogger was down for a few days for maintenance I thought I may as well have a whole week off.

It's good to be back though and I have lots of interesting things to talk about.

But first things first. The winner of the Ramsign Danish house number giveaway is a very lucky Jennywren. Congratulations! Please send me your email address Jenny, so I can organise everything for you.

And thanks everyone who entered!


  1. Well done Jennywren!! Can't wait to see all the goings on at the sow's ear so hurry up and get posting girly!! I want to see paint drying and lots of it!

  2. Congrats to Jennywren! Wasn't it weird just having a read only wasn't the only thing to upset my applecart last week..but thank God it's all sorted now.. I am looking forward to a lovely week this week.

  3. Hope you are refreshed from your break! Catch you soon. Emma.


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