Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Awesome equals two Panton S chairs found in an op shop.

These are awesome! They are replica chairs but they're in such great condition...we have so many chairs. They will make great statement in a study 

Not-so-awesome equals Jason getting over-excited and buying his own father's day present...

Jason was in Morayfield today and popped into Masters to buy tradie clothes. Hi-vis yellow shirt and blue pants...I  told him the blog post re Masters the other day was meant to be tongue-in-cheek...

That is all.


  1. I'm still jealous about those chairs you know! And I always snorted into my cup of tea just now when I read about Jason self gifting those Masters clothes. Fx

  2. Great find re chairs.

    Jason ... is there no end to his talents and home-handy style? I'm thinking of self-gifting some Rhodes and Beckett/Bennett ... whatever. Maybe I'll self-gift Masters, it's easier to remember.

    Love the side stairs too b-t-w.

  3. Hey - It appears you have a chair fetish like me! xx

  4. Those chairs are so you Anita! Be grateful that Jason bought his own present. Now you don't have to worry :)

  5. The power of blog advertising! Go Jason! A-M xx

  6. I am soooooo envious of those chairs..........
    ;o) ;o) ;o) Lucky you!!!
    Tania xx

  7. Love the chairs! Why can I never find stuff like that in op shops? It's a skill you know.

  8. Ohh what a great find!

    ahh Jason. I wonder what will happen if one day he wears the tradie clothes to the office instead.

  9. So the fluoro proved to be irresistable! My husband wears this gear to work and when he comes home..for a weekend..he works away..he has to change in the car 'cos our big dog was kicked when she was a puppy by a meter reader..and hates anything fluoro and workboots!

  10. Excellent find Anita! Not so sure what to think about Jason's clothing choices, could be a whole lot worse though and remember, fluoro is in!!

  11. Squeeze me! In an oppie?! Lucky you. You know all op shop finds come in threes.
    What next!
    Mine likes to take off his white collar and wield tools for pleasure too. He has developed such a fondness for manly work gear that we can't buy him anything now as he self buys all year round.

  12. Oh so funny, re Jason and the work clothes... you see, now you'll have to buy him the belt sander after all!

    And many thanks for the link Anita, when I work out how to do it (!) I'll reciprocate. Jx.

  13. Nothing like a splash of high vis to brighten the day... xx

  14. Love the chairs! What a great find!
    I too love chairs...I have quite the collection in my house...and even more under the house!


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