Monday, 20 August 2012

Wannabe tradie

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Our belt sander has gone walk-about. Where could it be? Doesn’t it know we need Jason fully-equipped to sand down the decks in time for spring? I suspect Jason’s hidden it somewhere…

Never fear, I’m going to buy Jason another one, as encouragement to continue his DIY thing. For Father’s Day. Ha! The poor thing will never escape DIY while living here. Never!

And because I’m into online browsing for gifts, I was happy to hear that Masters Home Improvement recently launched their online store. Hooray for more competition in the world of hardware for all of us tireless home improvers!

Well, Masters have declared it a sock, jock and tie free day this Father’s Day. Normally fashionisto Jason would be thrilled to get a pair of designer jocks; however the belt-sander would be far more practical…

Jocks and a power tool would be a great combination. Yeah!

Then I had a light bulb moment. Maybe I should get Jason tradie clothes instead? If you’ve been following our renovations, you would know Jason’s home handyman uniform consists mainly of rags… He looks like a complete and utter hobo.

Jason in his old work clothes

So, I started wandering through the Masters site and searched for shirts, pants and shoes. Boom! I can kit Jason out from top to toe all online…
I give you wannabe tradie Jason.

Men’s long sleeve polo shirt $12. In fashionable orange high-vis!
image from here

Hardwick men’s cargo work pant $25
image from here
Blundstone Safety Boots Havana $99.97
image from here

We’re spoilt for choice. What do you think? Tradie clothes? Belt sander? Jocks?

Or should I just go all out and indulge him this Father’s Day and get the lot...? What are you going to get the Dad in your life?

And if you think the Dad in your life needs a shed load of stuff to keep him occupied, then enter Masters’ Father's Day Competition by posting a picture of him on their Facebook competition tab for Father's Day and in 25 words or less tell them why you love him.  


  1. Just go the jocks, the boots and the belt sander and he should be happy - we all know he won't wear the shirt anyway! melx

  2. So true, thanks Mel!

    Jason just told me that no one out there wants him wear tradie clothes and that you're all just waiting for his work rags to disintegrate...

  3. Hobo look is fine. Belt sander every time!

  4. I'm with Bungalow girl, by all means go for the jocks, boots pants etc but dont worry about the shirts ;)

  5. Well you know what they say in the fitness world- deck yourself out in the right gear to boost the motivation? I think this could work here too.


  6. Oh my goodness, all these items are in Mark's wardrobe already! Father's Day is very bittersweet - mine has passed away:( xx

  7. High vis is the new black here on The Farm. I say go for broke and get him the lot!

  8. High vis - maybe that's why his chest has been bare for so long. He's been waiting for this.

  9. Bungalow Girl and Moerks : we speak the same language. No need for shirts.

  10. I'd go with the boots since they have a function (keeping his toes), but disintegrating garments are just fine...

  11. Boots are important and Blunnies are the go, we both wear them here, though Lyndon's get munched on by Molly. Though I don't suppose you'll have that problem! Jason would love some tradie gear :)

  12. Agree with Tricia Rose, steel-capped tradie boots can save a painful broken toe when you drop a big piece of timber on your foot. Broken toes = delays in renovation

  13. ooh I can just picture Jason in a high-vis shirt.
    Sexy kit for the home handyman.

  14. Beltsander,Brismod you hard taskmaster, no wonder Jason has taken to snatching naps on the roof. Mr CH only stated recently that he wouldn't be "caught dead" in one of those high-vis shirts, so maybe jocks are the go?


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