Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Missed that 3rd year blogiversary

It's been three years since Fun and VJs became more than just a figment of my imagination...Sadly, I forgot to mark our 3rd year Blogiversary.

No cake, no giveaways and not even a second thought until it was already over. Thankfully this blog is made of the tough stuff. It is definitely a persistent little bugger, so Happy Blogiversary to it!

I thought it would be fun to see what we were doing three years ago today. From memory, I don't think I was terribly happy, as we were in mid kitchen renovation mode and I was very hungry. The blog post below was chronicling some of the smaller projects we tackled when we first moved into the Sow's Ear.

Hop into the Tardis and travel into the past...a time before I knew how to caption images...

Wednesday 5 August 2009
The first few projects 

With any condition Queenslander house there is always work. And lots of it when they need TLC.

The first job we did was to sand the deck and oil it to bring it back from the brink. It's a massive covered area, so it was a big job - particularly when it was pouring rain every time Jason was ready to oil it.

The second project was to sand and scrape the front entry ready for a coat of paint. Jason also needed to fix up the VJs which were covering the architraves. It looks a million dollars now.

We used Dulux acrylic low sheen white (wash and wear) for the VJs and a gloss white for the doors etc.

We are now living without a kitchen, waiting for it to be installed later this week. It was ripped out last Friday, so it has been an experience with my hungry boys.

Anyway, I can't wait for it to be up and running!

*the image above has been pixelated to protect the innocent


  1. Look how far you've come! I can see just from the vj's how much work you've put into the sow's ear. You and Big-J have really worked hard and you now have a beautiful home. Love the kitchen.

    I think blogging has changed from three-years-ago. The novelty of the giveaway has gone, I think. I think there's been a shift towards the 'anti-blog', but that's another topic for another day.

  2. Happy days to you and the blog! A great achievement in reno's and posting!
    Pippa xx
    What's an anti-blog?

  3. Your are an inspiration, Anita. Happy Birthday…to the blog ;-)

  4. Happy Bloggy Birthday Fun & VJ's. Three years is a great innings, well done Anita and family.

  5. Happy Anniversary! At least with the blog you have a record of how far you've come!

  6. 3 years.. you are committed! Congrats! Currently living without a kitchen so I'm relating to you...3 years ago haha

  7. Happy Bloggy B'day! I think I've read almost all 3 yrs of those posts! X

  8. Wow. 3 years. Congratulations indeed. Only two years 11 months behind you.. but if I can do half of what you've done in the time I'll be happy. J.

  9. Happy blogiversary darl!! What a brilliant record you must have of the house - you guys have done so much stuff and it looks amazing xx

  10. Gosh you two do beautiful work, the details, man, you're right, always maintenance, but so worth it. Love Posie

  11. Oh no did you have to take me there! I'm finishing my home too (3 years ago) there is a thick layer or white dust on the floor and furniture that I've given up on cleaning up.


  12. Happy 3 year blogiversary Anita! You know you have just made me realise that I forgot my blogiversary as well! It was 3 years ago at the very end of May. Whoops. Oh well. You have achieved soooo much around your home! If only it was the same story here :)

  13. Happy 3rd Blog Birthday to you!x

  14. Happy Bloggy Birthday to you! Mxx

  15. Well happy 3rd blogoversary to you, Anita. That means I've been following you for 2 years. I had no idea that this paint job would be so extensive! I have so much to learn from you two as PB HQ is a weatherboard and we have some painting ahead! J x


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