Thursday, 10 October 2013

Front garden spring makeover

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Spring has a certain irresistibility, drawing you outdoors to spruce up patches of garden that have been dormant over winter. Well, it has for us.

Now that we have had some of the dead and scraggly trees removed from the front yard, we can start to think about tackling the task of improving the Sow’s Ear’s garden. When we first moved here, we planted some easy-care plants like agaves and agapanthus to tide us over until we built a new front fence. Since we had the fence built last year, the front garden has been neglected somewhat…

We want to plant a green hedge to border the front and side fences. We’ve started getting the garden beds ready by weeding and removing some of the unwanted plants – there’s a bit more to do though, but we’re almost there. 

A bit more weeding to go...
If all goes to plan, we’ll be able to plant the hedge and get the job done quickly and efficiently without too much running around.

The Masters website is a practical and easy way to plan a project like this and you can purchase everything online and organise either home delivery or in-store pick-up.  I’ve gone through the Masters Garden & Outdoor Living section on the website and have started to plan all the things we will require, compiling an online wish list to make this hedge a reality.

Murraya or mock orange plants will be our plant of choice for this hedge. We already have a few established murrayas which seem to be growing well in the garden, so we will stick with that winning formula. The murrayas also produce lovely white fragrant flowers which is always a nice bonus. 

My Masters wish list

On the wish list is: murraya plants, blood and bone, sugar cane mulch, garden hose, soaker hose and garden tools like pruners and garden fork - all the practical stuff that help to make a garden grow.

I hope to buy everything on our list at Masters this week so that we can get planting on the weekend. I’ll be taking advantage of the click and collect service too, where I can pay for my items online and then collect it in-store.

If you are a DIY novice, there are also short ‘how to’ videos and articles on the Masters website to help you along the way – from how to make compost to building a retaining wall. And if you hang-out on social media, Masters’ Facebook  and Twitter page have expert advice and there are regular live-chat advice sessions with gardening and painting/colour experts who will be able to answer any of your questions.

So, what are your plans this spring? Is it all about the garden or have you got another spring project on the go?


  1. I was reading your post thinking that you needed to plant Murraya! Then I got to the bit where you mentioned you were planning too. They even grow on The Farm.... Which is a tough gig.

    Enjoy your gardening.

    1. That's great that they grow well on your farm - it gives me some hope. It will completely improve the look of our front yard. xx

  2. We're doing the murraya hedge thing too and trying to train some jasmine over our ugly back fences. So far so good! Hope all your gardening goes well :)
    Cas x

    1. Great minds think alike! I hope it goes well too. xx

  3. Murrayas are a great idea. I like the idea of ordering everything at once. I'd love a native garden with lots of gravel and bark.

    1. MMMC, I picked up my order today. It was all loaded on a massive trolley for me and I was able to be in and out of the store within about 10 minutes! I love Australian natives too - our backyard is full of lillypillies, bottle brushes and wattle. I think the murrayas with just soften the front nicely. xx

  4. Yes it's that time of year. I've been at the Chinese Masseuse this week after planting 163 plants last weekend. It did include 6 Murraya too. Such a versatile plant and I love the smell. We had one that was pulled out for the renos. Dad reckons if it flowers, expect a shower. Interesting it always flowers just before rain. I laughed at your Blood and Bone. My daughter wouldn't have any friends over when I spread it through the soil prior to planting. She was not impressed with the smell but the plants are loving it. Happy planting!

    Jennifer xx

  5. Might just be the planting ticket for us at chez 'ouch'! Thanks will pop to masters this weekend! x

  6. Thanks for the reminder to get outside - have been out there all morning attending to the lawns - landscaping is next on the list! What are the Masters stores like? Our nearest one is Cairns (which we'll get to see in a couple of weeks), otherwise we mainly use Bunnings, or for smaller jobs there is a small locally owned Mitre 10 nearby. We also use a local nursery for plants, such a big selection and great for educating the girls (and us) on different plant varieties. Have a great weekend :-)

    Cheers, Col


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