Sunday, 6 October 2013

Mod 1968 home

I can't help myself when I'm scouring the real estate sites. Look what I found! It's a 1968 architect designed home in Upper Mount Gravatt which is about 10 km from the CBD.

So, this is kind of like a public service announcement for those looking for a modernist style home. I haven't seen it up close, but I like what I see from the pictures. I hope that someone who appreciates this style of architecture buys it...because most people would just want to render the bricks. The horror!

Link to the property is here.

1968 Brisbane home

I'm partial to dividing walls that don't go all the way to the ceiling. 

Lovely outlook from the front balcony


  1. It's a beauty!
    I am wondering if it would be big enough for MMMC and her dancers???
    I would never render those bricks.
    It's funny, I love an old pale salmon pink brick, but those new white, limestoney bricks = yuk!

  2. That's a cracker. I like it. I also like seeing what furniture people have who live in the houses for sale. I wonder if they'll bring their furniture with them, or will down scale. That lounge suite has potential.

    I rendered a brick fence once. Sorry. I do look back and feel bad, but it suited the house.

    I love dark brown bricks the best.

    1. That lounge suite does have potential. I think blue was their favourite colour.
      Don't worry about your fence. I forgive you. Some things can get away with render.
      I prefer a tan brick myself. xx

  3. I have ugly brick fence too, when I'm flush I will render them and I'd like to paint my brickwork on the house white.......can we still be friends? xx

    1. Ha ha! Okay, okay. Maybe I was too harsh about painted brick and render... I should never generalise, eh? xx

  4. Anita, I'm with you on the rendering of bricks! great house, I'll hold my breath hoping the new owners won't ruin it...


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