Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Jack and Jill Coat Hooks

Deciding which coat hooks to use in our front entry was easy after completing a Google search on the products we liked best.

Black Jill and Red Jack

The Jack and Jill coat hooks are designed by two industrial design graduates from Adelaide who formed a company called Two Halves.

The hooks are also made in South Australia. Australian designed and made and they are also affordable. Three very important ticks.

If you are interested, you can read more about it here.

Although they are marketed for little ones, I think they are too sleek and funky to hide in a bedroom or playroom (the boys are already in my ear about getting some for their rooms).

image courtesy of Living Edge

These hooks remind me, in essence, of the Eames "Hang it all" which was orginally designed in 1953 for children. The brightly-coloured wooden spheres were aimed at encouraging children to hang up "all" their things.  

Anyway, our new coat hooks will encourage me to hang up my bag properly.

As an aside, we chose a black Jill and red Jack because that's what colour Jason and I become after a stint in the sun. I'll show you some after photos when we mount them on the wall.

Jack and Jill playing outside


  1. I have seen them before - love them. Can't wait to see them up :)

  2. i like that they are enjoying the outdoors!

  3. These are super, fun and happy and the colours will look great in your a couple of "ugly" lamps today instantly had an internal laugh and thought of you...cheers Katherine

  4. They are lovely hooks, holding their arms up so trustingly.

  5. Your little modern touches in this gorgeous Qlder of yours just makes it! Fantastic choice! A-M xx

  6. Haha Anita - let me go back and see what colour Jack was and what colour Jill was. I know you'd have to get the red one for me ;-) They are cool!

  7. Hmm where did my comment about Jack and Jill go???

  8. Awesome! I love the look of these.

  9. So funky, I love them! Please show us how they will look like on the wall. Have a nice weekend!


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