Sunday, 11 April 2010

Will it win?

Remember that ugly brown lamp, which I have now lost interest in...(that happens quite a lot around here)...Well, I've entered it into a competition for best ugly piece of furniture award. Terribly cruel.

The competition is open to Australian and New Zealand residents and all you do is upload a photo of your ugly item saying why it should be replaced. If it is judged to be the ugliest, you win a replacement of the item. Click here if you are interested.

The whole competition has captured my imagination. And as my regular readers know, I love the remote chance of a freebie. I click on every so often to check out the photo gallery of my competition. I tell you, my chances are not looking good.

What really astounds me is that quite a few items photographed aren't that bad really. Clearly, these people have yet to discover the world of the Before and After in Blogtopia.

The judges have already given awards to some outstanding pieces - my favourite being the alien-like floor lamp entry. I laughed out aloud at that one.

I will also enter Son # 1's bedside table which is decorated in autocollants*.

*Yes, that would be stickers in design-speak.


  1. Yes, that's a pretty impressively unattractive lamp! I feel a little sorry for the poor thing! I'll haed over for a look at the competition :)

  2. Ahh but the lamp has potential to be an ugly ducking that turns into a swan...the bedside on the other that's a real contender, haha, cheers Katherine

  3. Autocollants - yet another word which sounds better in French than English. Those stickers - one tries to stop their use to no avail.

    I must check out that link. I love a bit of ugliness. As long as its not mine! I jest - we have something ugly and we should be out and proud about it.

  4. that's so funny - i must go take a look at the competition.

  5. both of my daughters would probably buy that lamp. ... one, simply because its ugly, and the other one because she would think that nobody else would want it and feel sorry for it. really
    have fun with that one. wish we had that competition here haha

  6. Sounds like fun! I checked it and it will not be easy to win. There are some really ugly stuff there. But I agree there are some items which have great potential

  7. Oh what fun Anita. I must have a look at the link.
    My poor deprived kids, we have a strict "no stickers on the furniture" rule.
    Your lamp does look kind-of lonely:*(

  8. Well, I really hope that you win but I don't think the lamp is THAT ugly!

    Best wishes happy week (back to school time!),

  9. I love the alien floor lamp that won - that's the one with 3 heads, right? I hope there's nothing wrong with me. But everything else is admirably awful. Good luck to your lamp - may the pox be with it!

  10. Yes Mise. It was the three headed lamp. And no, there is nothing wrong with you - the entries are appalling. The lamp and bedside table are in very worthy company.

  11. Yep, that lamp is somewhat unattractive all right. What a fun competition though- great idea.

  12. I dunno - your lamp's a bit boring but it's not THAT ugly! You may be amused to note that some French kids of note call 'autocollants' ...'STICKERS' because it's chic to use English words in the French Language....Racing off to check out the alien lamp!

  13. I think you should put the lamp on the drawers as punishment for the 'autocollants".

  14. Now I'm looking around here to see what we can enter!


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