Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Barbie Dream Home search with Realestate.com.au

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Most people know I am a frustrated Modernist living in a 1928 Queenslander house.  So it will come to no surprise that my eyes are always peeled for a mid-century Barbie Dream Home. Always.

Poor Jason. He loves the Sow’s Ear and has worked so hard on it and here I am trying to sell it mid-renovation. Fear not, it’s not going to happen in a big hurry as we still have things to do on the Sow’s Ear and also the thought of another move is a major put-off.

But it doesn’t stop me from looking. We will move for the Barbie Dream Home if we ever find it and can afford it. The Sow’s Ear is just a lovely little adventure for us in the meantime.

I have realestate.com.au’s free mobile app on my smart phone and I check it regularly. This mobile app is excellent and I would say that regardless of this post being sponsored or not.

I’ve been using the app for a few months and there is nothing better than having full real estate listings at your finger tips when you hear about a new property. It is an essential app for any house voyeur.

The app allows you to see details of every home to buy and to rent. And if you are seriously looking for a home, you can save open for inspection and auction times straight to your phone's calendar.
Let me share with you some of the Barbie Dream Homes I found recently via the app:

Modernist home found via realestate.com.au app

Yeah Baby! This first house we seriously considered buying to the extent that Jason went along to the auction. Apart from the fact we did not have the $1.92 million (let alone the $0.92 million the bidding started at) it went up to; I seriously thought we had a chance. Ha!  Anyhow, it did not sell at auction, so until it is sold I am still stalking my dream home via the app.

The mobile app also allows you to refine your search by price, property types, features and surrounding suburbs like in the full web version. Knowing that a lot of mid-century homes are located in the western and southern suburbs, I can just tap in the postcode to get up a listing of homes in those areas.

List of my favourite search suburbs

Look at this sumptuous mid-century beauty in Toowong. The words “I want” escape my lips. If we had the cash I’d snap this one up in a jiffy.

Interior of Toowong mid-century home via app

Toowong real estate listing on the mobile app

I found another 60s Barbie Dream Home near the Brisbane River in Yeronga. It’s been fully renovated but it wouldn’t take much to get back the mid-century character it once had with the right furnishings and d├ęcor.

Yeronga 60s house

So that’s how I dream and scheme. More dreaming considering the prices of these properties…ha!

If you want to dream and scheme with me, why not download the realestate.com.au app for your phone or tablet? It gets 9 out of 10 for being very easy to download and use. It is the perfect app for house and interiors addicts.


  1. I found our place on realestate.com and often have a look to see what is about. Goodness me, I'm not sure I think those places are "priced to sell" at well over a million dollars. I am in another world :)

  2. Sarah, Brisbane has some crazy house prices. It's ridiculously expensive. First home buyer homes within the 10km from the CBD start around the $400k to $500k mark. Crazy. xx

  3. Prices are still up there for sure. Still fun to window shop though.


  4. It's the fireplace that gets me every time in those truly mid century lovelies. One up the road from me went for $700 000 a few months back. It had pool, panelling, patios and a huge funky brick fireplace and was on 1000 metres or so. Owned by an architect, it was pristine with no inappropriate new bits but brand new kitchen and bathrooms.
    I have been up to have coffee with the new owner who has also got five kids and two Featherston chairs in front of that fireplace. It was a BARGAIN!!! Kicking myself!
    Never stop looking!

  5. $400K 10 Km to the city! What a bargain! Here the starting price is $650K for that range...and we are talking about a house built in the late 1800s with a bad 60's renovation on a block of 98sqm on a main road and under the flightpath. Brisbane is affordable in comparison

  6. Oh, I love that 5 bedroom home! We have downsized from a 5 bedroom home to a 3 bedroom home and I want the 5 bedroom home back! It didn't cost 1.x million though..... It's a great app for viewing houses in different cities that you would like to move to/move back to, that's for sure! Mx

  7. That interior photo is beautiful! I'd pack up and move to Australia if I could live in that house!

  8. You will get your Barbie Dream home one day. I think it's the thing about spending years renovating a Qld'er that by the time it's finished you're so over it!
    I talk from experience.
    Good app by the way

  9. I'm going to get onto that App. I'm planning on buying this year and I'm always looking at realestate.com. I'm not looking at million-dollar pads though! You will get your dream house one day, I know it!

  10. Oh so glad I'm not the only real estate.com voyer..... Nearly as fun as a day of home opens (my kids' idea of living hell)!


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