Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Lawn grubs.

Our freshly laid turf is being menaced by the dreaded lawn grub. The hungry little blighters are leaving their calling card of browned patches of grass. It's not pretty.

I've consulted the oracle that is Google to find a way to decimate them. It seems there are a lot of natural ways to get rid of lawn grub, like encouraging birds to peck at them or getting chickens to roam about...

Since chickens don't reside here at the Sow's Ear, that seems like a pretty useless solution for us...besides the infestation has gone beyond the help of a couple of chooks.

Insecticide seemed like a quicker and more efficient death for the grubs. So I hot footed it to my local garden place and bought lawn grub killer granules that you shake over the turf and then water it in.

Normally, we'd be pretty devastated about something like this...but we are just so grateful to have any lawn that a grub would find remotely appetising! And grass always grows back.

So that's the start of our New Year. How's yours coming along?


  1. Some people might argue in favor of chickens, but I find that they leave their own particularly nasty calling card too, which only seems to replace one problem with another. I'm with you. Granulate them into oblivion.

    I loved the comment about having an appetizing lawn. You have such a great attitude.

  2. Oh, good luck with that. Any grubs in our lawn must have been drowned into oblivion! Last year was England's wettest ever.

    I love New Year, it'll be indoor jobs but can't wait to get started. Gotta get those sitting room bookshelves done. Jx

  3. Look into nematodes. We use them here for grub control.

  4. We've had them in yards around us but not here and we do have chooks. We only let them out for the occasional free range these days but that seems enough to keep the grubs at bay. Good luck. They are persistent little beasties.

  5. Good luck with the removal...did you confirm the bug killer is suitable for your type of lawn?

  6. Oh, we've experienced these hungry little pests before, show no mercy!!!

  7. Sic em Rex! Loved that Ad! ....grubs be gone. :)

  8. How annoying,I wouldn't use the chooks. Our neighbour has free yard ranging chooks and there is poo everywhere,gross! House (and fence) progress is looking amazing as usual,love it.

  9. Tell them if they are too greedy they won't fit into their summer swimmers and all the pool puddle parties will be off :) le xox

    ps new blog under development and just born ... think six months was a big enough break ...


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