Monday, 16 September 2013

Repairing the batwing lattice doors

For a few years, Jason has been driven mad by the fact that our external lattice batwing doors on the back deck were slightly mismatched.

It's not hugely noticeable (most people have never noticed it) but for OCD Jason it is like staring at a huge pimple. Yesterday, he could stare at it no longer and set about to fix the doors.

Batwing lattice doors

The problem with the doors was that at some stage they had been trimmed at the top and the bottom when they were hung. It meant the doors were just slightly off when they were closed. 

You can see in the picture below how the decorative top was sliced off one of the doors. Yikes! For OCD people, this type of thing brings on an uncontrollable twitch. 

We could probably just buy another set of doors, but it would seem a shame not to try to salvage the ones we have. Jason's added a strip of timber to the bottom of one of the doors so that the doors are now the same height. He's re-hung the doors so that the hinges were at the same level too. Ha! He's Mr Symmetry.

Jason is also going to attempt to re-mould the decorative curl at the top. I have no idea how he thinks he's going to do that ... but I have a feeling that builder's bog will factor into the equation and more paint!

Anyway, it is the small things that make a house a home and if something like a pair of symmetrical doors ticks the boxes then so be it.


  1. I'm hearing you Jason - I am afflicted with the same disease. xx

  2. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it. I'm the same!!

  3. I'm that way too. Something small like that can drive me crazy.

  4. It'd drive me mad, after I noticed it. And I'm about an un OCD as they come. I think things like that are just designed to irritate. Go the builders bog, I suspect it will factor into our pressed metal repairs too...

  5. Yay to mr, Symmetry!! What a guy!!! My husband couldn't give a rats ass (pardon my french) about symmetry, you're so lucky:-) He keeps telling me 'thats why I have you'!

  6. Yes indeedy! I have one of those OCD types too but of course it is selective OCD. He still can't load a dishwasher to save his life but is mighty picky on the building bits. We also have similar lattice doors waiting around the side of the garage for his painstaking attention some time soon.....

  7. Oh no, I must be the OCD one in our house, that would annoy me too!


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