Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Arne Jacobsen Lamp and his poor cousin (and Marimekko giveaway)

Bedside lighting has been an issue since Jason's lamp gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago. Such a pain, but they were cheapie Target lamps which had been given to us sometime last century. They lasted a decade, so they served us well.

We wanted something a lot simpler and modern to the faux plastic fantastic Tiffany lamps we used to have.

For some time I've admired the simplicty of this Arne Jacobsen lamp which was designed in 1957. It has a fixture head with a distinct asymmetrical shape, while the lamp base has a hole - originally made to accommodate an ashtray (for the obligatory cigarette after ...well, you get the picture).

It has a fabulous modernist line which appealed to me.

the real deal arne jacobsen lamp

As is always the case, the price tag just didn't fit into our budget especially at the moment. Approximately $360 per lamp. And delayed gratification and saving for lamps doesn't cut it when you have a pile of  books waiting to be read on the bedside table!

I looked at buying replicas which worked out to be $130 per lamp. But, you know, I feared I would go to Knock-off Hell if I went down that path...but, I was up for the heat.

the not so real deal from Milan Direct

Then on the weekend, I spied a set of these - on sale at Freedom furniture.

Needless to say, I bought them. They are not a complete rip off of the original design, but they come pretty close. It has a solid base, which is not as sexy as the holey original. At $30 a pop, I was prepared to make the sacrifice.

We are catching up on our reading to the light of Arne's poor cousin, awaiting our fiery destiny.

Goodbye faux Tiffany and hello faux Arne

On another matter, the response to my Marimekko giveaway has been underwhelming. Seriously, you should enter the random draw HERE - you are a certainty to win!


  1. Digging the new lamp. I'll be joining you in knock off hell!

  2. Better to have bought the inspired-by-Arne'Freedom Original' than the direct rip off copy. I think that means you escape knock -off hell this time.

  3. Those lamps look great Anita. I read by the light of my hubby's lamp as mine blew a bulb months ago and as soon as I leave the bedroom and enter the chaos of the living rooms I completely forget that it needs replacing until the next time I'm in the bedroom.
    Must check out that giveaway...I've never won anything, could this be a first for me???

  4. The new faux is streets ahead of the old faux. There's something of the incline of a nun's head (the old-fashioned sort) about it. May we enter your giveaway again under a very clever assumed name so that no one guesses it's us?

  5. I'm with Mise - maybe I could enter under a new name. I've put you on my sidebar. Maybe no one reads it after all!!! I would love that cushion so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. YOU DID GET MY ENTRY DIDN'T YOU??? Love the new faux too by the way...

  6. Great replica!! Looks so similar!! Great job Anita! Have you guys seen the movie.. Brave Little Toaster? (Disney) That popped in my head when I saw your cool lamp! My kids loved that movie!

    I love that Gorgeous cushion in your very Generous giveaway!:) I was thinking of entering.. But would feel bad about you having to spend all that postage!

    Big Hugs ~ Teresa

  7. Teresa, What? Of course you should enter. Postage is nothing compared to what a LOSER I would look like if no one entered my giveaway!! And you are assuming you're going to win...So go for it and tell your friends too. xxAnita

  8. Hi Anita, Stop encouraging people I want to win!!! haha..The lamps are devine sleek and excellent value...and with three little boys running around I think the best buy all round. hope you are having a lovely day, cheers Katherine


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