Monday, 15 March 2010

New pot

child and adult butterfly chair with new pot in the front entry

I re-potted my sansevieria (mother-in-law's tongue plant) on the weekend. I bought a glazed pot which has a retro lava feel from Katherine at theoldboathouse (thanks Katherine!). It will now keep company with mother and baby butterfly chair.

Katherine said she didn't think it was vintage, but it certainly has the right mid century look which I was after. It's hard to find this type of planter. Everything is either too darned square or pretty. Where has all the ugly pottery gone?

glazed pottery planter

I also scored a lime green anodised planter on a black metal tripod stand. It is on its way to me from bustling Bundaberg (four hours north of Brisbane). I'm unsure about its condition but my expectations are always kept low and I like the odd surprise...


  1. Love it and love your floors! Thank you for your lovely comment. Very interested to see more of your home..Rachaelx

  2. Such lovely uncluttered colour. It all looks great, including the new pot. I especially like that the chairs aren't the same size.

  3. You are such a crack up Anita! Where has all the ugly gone indeed. You need to get over here for a few fleamarkets girlie ;-)

  4. Hey Anita, It looks so good next to your fab floors and crisp walls,hope you have alovely day, cheers katherine

  5. I tried to comment yesterday to no avail. I love your floors and walls together they look brilliant. And yes pots, ugly or no, are in very short adequate supply in Australia. Its as if just the one company supplies all the pots. Its like living in a communist country in the 1950s. Consider that my Pot Rant for the day.

  6. I love those butterfly chairs, and the Marimekko print with your gorgeous glossy floors. Speaking of Marimekko, my very gorgeous cushion arrived today! I just love it Anita, The colours are so me. Oops and now that I look up from my screen, I am just going to go and rescue it from my cat, who also obviously has great taste in cushions! xx

  7. It looks so great Anita. I love the way you know what your style is and you stick to it. You always seem to get just the right pieces.

  8. loves it..... looks pretty retro to me. just enough funk.
    man, your entry is so ...clean.
    have a great day


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