Tuesday, 9 March 2010

New art

Look what came in the mail, all the way from France, yesterday. My second giveaway win of the year.

acrylic ink on reclaimed wood

Thank you to artist and calligraphist Ange from Signed by Ange who interpreted a Van Gogh quote for my abstract pleasure! I love it.

I can't believe how excited I was to see it sitting near the mail box. I was just like a child.

The packing - draft calligraphy work on catridge paper and a small message on aquarelle card. Love, love. Thanks again, Ange!

And for dinner tonight, I'm doing tapas. Some friends from book club are coming around to discuss "Brave New World". Tapas laced with Soma. Yeah!


  1. Yipeee! I'm sooo pleased you received it already! I was a bit worried as customs was sure to open it and then I had no idea of the time it would take to get to you.
    Hope you can fit it in to your decor somewhere...

  2. I've seen it over on Ange's and now I've seen it here, so it must be true. Lucky you; it's a lovely piece.

  3. Congratulations Anita! Beautiful Artwork! & the wrapping is really cool!

    Have fun with you book club! Those tapas sound yummy!

    Big Hugs ~ Teresa

  4. sweeeet. it would be difficult to top a day like this one for you. i spent this day at a sidewalk sale in the sunshine ( almost unheard of in canada in march )so i had a good day too


  5. Wow what a great day! love the art.. Ange is very clever, a bit like another artist I know...now who could that be??? hint hint, have a lovely day so good to see the SUNSHINE xx Katherine

  6. Oh lucky, lucky you! Congrats on your wonderful win. What a wonderful addition to the Sow's Ear! I adore the packaging...so Ange, right? Your tapas looks awesome. Hope you had a fun night. Meredy xo.

  7. Oh it's just beautiful. Lucky you! Sounds like a fun night was had! A-M xx


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