Thursday, 11 March 2010

Pointlessly frugal

There are a few things I'd like to buy for the house and I've kind of been putting them off until we had a bit more money; to recover from Christmas time spending (this period also coincides with when our major insurances are due - a major suck in more ways than one).

Being the martyr that I am, I've been very frugal these past few months. You know, looking after the pennies so the pounds can look after themselves nonsense - thinking twice before purchasing anything, making school and work lunches religiously, not having take-out etc. etc.

But not anymore. Being a martyr is utter madness, especially if you're the only one depriving yourself!
Image courtesy  Rhodes & Beckett

Over the last few weeks Jason has been revamping his wardrobe. On his side of the cupboard, lovely 100% Egyptian cotton hand tailored shirts are hanging handsomely from their hangers.

Mr French Cuffs Jason never thinks twice when making a clothing purchase and when he believes he's onto a good thing he buys duplicates.

So far, his recent shirt purchases roughly equate to one designer light fitting I've delayed buying for the loungeroom, because I thought I was being extravagant.

How ridiculous I was! I should've got in first. 

And I don't really want to begrudge Jason buying anything because he never ever begrudges any of my purchases and even coaches me in the ways of a spendthrift.

shadeless lounge room light

No more St Brismod. Cured of my pointless frugality, I'm going shopping!


  1. hmmm your point is very well made. I have the same problem. Its all about priorities. There is obviously room to spend on shirts but not on lightshades. He is a bit like a girl, no? I also get told to go on an economy drive only to come home to some new cycling or electronic item which has been purchased. And to be told it 'doesn't count'. Well I think it does. !!

  2. Oh Jane - I laughed when I read your comment. So, I wasn't very subtle with my dig? Actually to be fair, the economy drive is all self-inflicted. I'm a saver and Jason's a spender. And yes, he likes to look dapper. But I'm comforted that you've been here some time...

  3. Hold on while we grab our coats. We're coming shopping too. I think I'm frugal by nature but I try to overcome it. Blog-reading has helped - added exposure to all the pretty things out there. Have you seen those recent 'make a cushion from a shirt' tutorials...?

  4. You go girl!!(said with appropriate accent) Yes I admit I too am a bit of a martyr (spelling) when it comes to spending. Self inflicted...maybe we can blame it on mother guilt or something..anyway I am so looking forward to seeing pics of your new purchases!! cheers Katherine

  5. Oooh - I chucked out the St Ange attitude 4 year's ago after Mr bought himself a 500AUD TEAPOT! YEs! TEAPOT! You heard right!!! and went for a shopping spree at Burberry's. After which he asked me why I had paid 50c more than I should have for a lettuce. We are just hanging in there - not because I got the Burberry clothes. But the man who wanted 3 children is now spending more time looking after them and the woman who wanted to work in women's education and start her own business is spending more time doing the house work!! Buy your light fitting ... you'll be surprised how the finances end up taking care of themselves. We teach our girls to grow up with too much guilt!!!

  6. Oops - she is spending LESS time doing the housework!!

  7. Go for it I only live once!

    Can't wait to see the purchases

  8. I could have written this post Anita! My husband cam home with the big blue Rhodes and Beckett bag the other day...
    "They had 3 for the price of 2" he says.
    "So why did you have to buy SIX???" I said!

    So...I went on a shopping spree and bought myself a new saucepan...a nice blue Le Creuset one from Peter's! Buy what you want I say!

    Have a fabulous weekend and best wishes always,

    I won't admit it to him but they are gorgeous shirts!

  9. I think the 'cushion from a shirt' thing could be dangerous! Just love everyone's comments. Brunnel is exactly the same...'Well I just needed that new suit/shoes/tie/phone gizmo/book/watch..... I cannot wait to see what you buy!

  10. hey anita
    im a spender ,
    and since i dont have a "mr", i just buy whatever i want, whenever.... until im out of money hehe
    then i just work more...
    cheers, and have fun


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