Saturday, 29 May 2010

Painting a Pine Bookshelf - continued

bookshelf inspiration from Design Sponge

Painting furniture looks easier than it is. I have a greater appreciation now of the bloggers who regularly do furniture makeovers (this is mainly directed to Sandy at Sandy's Place whom, I suspect, does one daily).

Yesterday, I applied the pimer/sealer undercoat to the pine bookshelves while Son #3 was napping.

Earlier that morning we had been to the Oracle (Bunning's) and picked up a tin of Zinsser primer. I have been told, with good authority, that this is the product.

And it would want to be at $33 for a one litre tin. Liquid white gold. I chose the water-based product purely on laziness - an easier clean up keeps me motivated.

Anyway, it went on quite well and it did cover the dark knotty spots on the pine. My painting technique leaves a lot to be desired but one can't be good at everything I remind myself frequently.

Patchy undercoat paint job

While at the Oracle I had meant to pick up some dark teal paint. Unfortunately, I had a commitment crisis and took some colour chips to deliberate over instead.

Colour. Again I am in full admiration for those people who can paint colour on their walls (and furniture). Tomorrow, I will be ready to commit to something.

I also applied the first coat of white paint to the outside of the bookshelf - a white acrylic gloss. The gloss is a slightly hardier finish with knock-about children stampeding through our house. It will probably need another two coats for it to look even.

The work on the bookshelf will continue tomorrow.


  1. I reckon that orange colour looks pretty cool too Anita. As for me - I've just finished painting two ornate tables and lots of lamps for a friend who's leaving to live in Barcelona. Brought back great memories - but I prefer calligraphy ;-) Dying to see the finished result!

  2. I am really impressed with your progress so far. Hope the rain isn't slowing things down for you.

    Happy painting!

    Best wishes,

  3. Hi Anita, how is the painting going? Are you using a roller or paint brush? There are certain rollers (which look a bit like a sponge) which give a nicer finish for furniture. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. Good luck with it... Last night on better homes they did a great make-over of a chest of drawers using paint and wall paper. The final result looked very effective.

  4. Good job and keep going. I am watching to give me the mojo to do our nasty bookshelf. I have heard heaps about zissner, is it as good as it is meant to be?

  5. Anita it all takes time and practise. Don't worry too much about the undercoat as long as you have applied two generous coats sometimes I even give it three. Can't wait to see the final look and thanks for the mention. I have been busy undercoating today so your were right. I don't fancy that Zinsser much as I really like a thick undercoat and I find that too thin. Your right it is expensive but I'm sure its just a personal preference and it will work a treat. Keep at it and I'm sure the final look once you decide on a colour is going to look fabulous. Sandy x

  6. Good for you Anita, it takes so much time to repaint furniture but well worth it in the end

  7. I am going gaga over all the Jonathan Adler pottery in the bookshelf!

    Good luck with the painting, I'm sure it will be worth it when it's finished and lovely in your home.

  8. I'm with you honey...I spent all of yesterday painting the raw timber window frame of my kitchen. It required so much sanding to get it smooth..I'm off to do the third and hopefully final coat now...Painting aint easy! Rachaelxx

  9. You have inspired me. I am going to paint my Wrong Colour Ikea bookshelf instead of turfing it. These posts are invaluable. xox

  10. look forward to seeing it!

    i'm about to go and commit to black in my bedroom, can't put it off any longer!! seems we've all got a paint brush in our hands this weekend!


  11. I love the inspiration pic...what do you think yours would look like with little legs? Would it make it too tall?


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