Thursday, 13 May 2010

A year ago today - the scary sunroom

Today's our housiversary - the day we officially moved in.

Let me share the lasting image I had of the Sow's Ear during our 60 day contract. Please be afraid. This sunroom was considered tidy when we attended the second inspection.

Notice the cracked window panes with masking tape on the side door and of course general clutter. We also removed the Lace Curtains from Hell (to be fair, they were probably not too bad but in my mind at the time, they were more shabby than chic). 

This was one of the images on the website when the house went onto the open market. We had a contract on the house before that though. Gee, so much to look forward to.

That's Number 3 son when he was in that crawling/walking stage in the empty sunroom a few days before we moved in. No more lace. You can also see the small window on the left which opened from the kitchen.

The view from the other end. With no clutter, this room turned out to be rather spacious.

This is the sunroom today. It is used as a dining area/reading and play room.

We have done nothing to it apart from replace the broken window panes in the side door, remove the lace curtains and take out the little window, relining the wall with vertical join (VJ) timber boards.

It desperately needs to be painted and have some work done to it. We will probably get to it later this year.

And because it is our housiversary, I bought a new, but old, chandelier for above the dining table.

Think vintage, think 60s Murano, think cascading deliciousness! It is the coolest house thing I have ever bought. I will share some photos very soon.


  1. Great floors, great light from the windows and can't wait to see the great light you bought! And that's what VJ stands for!!

  2. Isn't it amazing how good a room looks when you remove Other People's Taste from it. I love the way they didn't have time to remove the iron and ironing board before the photo was taken. Can't wait to see the light.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Did you notice there is a great VJ house in this month's House and Garden?

  4. I can see the potential of that room from those nasty pictures. It just needed some TLC from you!

    It looks great now with your beautiful furniture...those black chairs are fabulous!

    Can't wait to see the new light....
    Best wishes,

    PS I bought the quinoa at Coles!

  5. Hi, Happy housiversary! Just shows how removing the little things (i.e. scary curtains) and adding some gorgeous vintage/retro furnishings can turn a room completely on its head! Can't wait to see the chandelier you bought it sounds beautiful.

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog ..... I have added you to my blog list as I hope many more people will visit your inspiring site. Michelle

  6. This is such a great light-filled room . I think you have done a really great job.I love your furniture!

  7. It's a great space! I love your funky furniture and can't wait to see the new light. Don't keep us waiting too long!!

  8. As Jane says, emptying a room of other people's things works wonders. It's a beautiful sunny room, but, if I may venture a mild 'but', I see no pink in it. Maybe (she thought, crazily hoping) the chandelier will be pink?

  9. Happy houseanniversary. working on our own sow's ear at the moment :-)

  10. It is a wonderful room. It even looks great empty!

  11. Happy Houseversary! Your new light fixture description sounds like something I would love, can't wait to see it!!1

  12. I love this room...funny when I was reading and looking at the was that light shade that stuck out and said to me "I do not belong in Anita's house" How great that you have found one you love and it sounds amazing can't wait to see the pics, cheers Katherine

  13. I stumbled onto your blog through another and absolutely love it!! You are funny and real as well as interesting. I get up early, grab a cuppa and peak at all my favourites. I am an old Brisvegas girl and have done my own "Reno"with little ones. Aaah, the memories. Keep it up!

  14. Hi Anita! Happy Housiversary!! I love this room! All that Beautiful natural light.. Cant wait to see what you & Jason do with this room! I'm off to read your last few posts.. I've missed seeing what you've been up to.. been lagging in my blog visiting, commenting & posting!
    Hope you guys have a great weekend! Big Hugs ~ Teresa

  15. hi anita
    no wonder you call it the "sun" room

  16. far out what a difference a good cull out makes! that's one of the best parts i reckon - getting into a place, getting rid of old curtains, ripping up carpet, etc.

    happy housiversary!! can't wait to see the chandelier, sounds amazing!jx

  17. Oh my gosh what a your blog Kym X

  18. Love old Queenslanders! You've done a great job, and nothing I like better than a good before-and-after! So glad you popped in to my blog, now I've found yours! k xx


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