Monday, 24 May 2010

TV Commercial at the Sow's Ear!?

Last week I got the most curious email from a lady called Nat Duncan who works at Queensland Film Locations.

Nat had stumbled on my blog via the lovely Katherine at theoldboathouse and was interested in seeing our home for an upcoming TV commercial being filmed in Brisbane.

Holy Mother of Incessant Ad Breaks, I thought! Surely, she was kidding?

A follow up email advised me that she was very serious. Nat is scouting for a location for clients who are shooting an insurance TV ad. They are searching for a Queenslander home with VJ (vertical join) walls in a lounge room. Just like ours. And it has to feel homey and can't look too polished. Just like ours!

Anyway, I read the information about how the whole process works and what was involved. And we're still keen.

How fun! This is probably the most fun with VJs we will ever have, so we may as well live up to the blog's namesake.

Nat Duncan taking photographs in the lounge room

I really liked her red skirt

Today, Nat visited our home to take some photographs which she will send to the production company. She said there is a three pronged approval process with the production company, ad agency and insurance company approving and agreeing on the final location.

Anyway, Nat was super-lovely and took heaps of fab photos of the interior and exterior of the house. Here are some of the various shots she took.

It is not a definite that this poor old Sow's Ear will be a star. It may all turn into nothing, especially now that I've told Blogtopia and jinxed it.

But that's ok. It's still very flattering that someone thought our house was worthy of a TV appearance.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. What fun if it all goes ahead Anita! And will Jason get to star in it too perhaps, with his shirt off?

  2. Oh wow! I hope it works out and you get to put it on YouTube for all of us to see. I'll practise remarking casually that I've known these famous people for years, practically visited their house.

  3. Oh what fun. It could be the start of something. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it all comes off.

  4. How fabulous! This is so exciting, Anita!! Maybe Jason can be a paid extra...sans R&B shirt of course!

    I can't wait to see what happens!

    Best wishes,

  5. Hi Anita,I have been so excited to see the pics. Nat has started a fab new site called everyone should go and check it and contribute info on their favourite Precinkts. Fingers crossed you get the gig, cheers Katherine

  6. It all sounds very exciting. i hope it all works out for you..let us know!! Take care Kym X

  7. How wonderful! It will be fun if you get chosen! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! xx

  8. how cool would that be?!! fingers crossed for you. jx

  9. That is super cool. Hope your home gets picked!!

  10. I hope it happens - they can make an awful mess, but They Pay! Payment is Good.

  11. Oh Anita that's WONDERFUL!! Isn't it just cool that you're considered for it. Do put the ad on YOUTUBE when it's done. I can't get the Aussie channels over here..

  12. that is beyond exciting but make sure you negotiate HARD on the money. Those TV people make a lot of mess, they need to insure you, indemnify you, rectify any damage... sorry it's the lawyer in me coming out.

    I once had a plan to offer up my house for TV ads but I could never work out how to do it!! So I gave up.

  13. Wow! That's a wonderful opportunity and I hope it works out well and headache-free for you! I hope you'll keep us posted!

  14. Now that's an email I would enjoy hearing pop up! Hope you get the gig Anita. Maybe it'll be one of those RACQ those ads, they make me laugh...."charter boat, what charter boat?"

  15. Sounds really flattering just to be asked. Good luck with it and hope it works out well for you.

  16. oooo so cool. and so fun.

  17. Wow! How super cool and brilliant! Good luck at getting picked!!

  18. How exciting! Having a good rummage through your archives, it's nice to read a local blog, especially being a lover of mid century objects! Thanks for visiting mine.

  19. Freak me out Scotty! That is awesome!

  20. ANITA! As you guessed - the RACQ TVC ended up being filmed in an old Queenslander in Ipswich.
    Boo! But thank you for having me at your house.
    Will try to get you another job! Loving your blog - you are such a clever gal.
    Nat Duncan - Qld Film Locations.


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