Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The six month renovation plan

Six months ago, I made grand plans about how our renovations would progress, with a list of projects to be completed by our one year anniversary in the house.

I've just re-read the list here. Oh dear! We only achieved half of the things on the list and I kept the list deliberately small, so it was achievable. Damn.

At least the agaves are growing well, with much neglect, in our front yard

We have done nothing to our downstairs room except fill it with more rubbish, we have not renovated Number 1 Son's bedroom and we cheated and just bought shelves to put into the boys' built-in wardrobes. Triple damn.

So much for the blog keeping us accountable! Jason is still experiencing post traumatic stress disorder symptoms after his last renovating efforts. He now has an erratic eye twitch which is most unbecoming...

Ok, we will have to knuckle down and work harder (no more prancing around shirtless, Jason!). Here is the wish list for the next six months:

1. Renovate and paint Number 1 Son's bedroom
2. Fix up the downstairs bedroom so that it is more than just a storage room
3. Complete the painting in the master bedroom
4. Renovate Number 2&3 Son's bedroom.

A shorter list. Surely, I will be ticking rather than crossing in six months time? Wish us luck!


  1. Goodluck, but I think you will be fine. I know all about making reno lists and then things being dragged out. SO much for my renovating blog - not a whole lots of posts are about actual renovating!
    Oh well, what can we do? :)
    ps having a giveaway over at my blog!

  2. Yeah, we moved into this house in Arana Hills FIVE years ago. We're still only half done on the renovating here. Karra? Not even 10 percent. Like Sarah, my blog has recently become more about... well everything OTHER than renovating. Your house looks hot already. Take it as it comes. At least you can kick back and drool over your VJs. ;-)

  3. I think you're being too hard on yourselves! What you have achieved is fabulous. And I LOVE your murano chandelier. It will look great over your table. Lucky you!

  4. That's the way with houses. Our urgent bathroom redo has been on permanent snooze for years now. Best do a small job that you feel like doing, and work up to the big ones when you have some momentum going. And you've done a lot already! Please pour poor Jason a brandy for his twitch.

  5. Good luck with your amended list! I know exactly how you feel. We swore we wouldn't live in a house with unfinished jobs yet here we are 1 1/2 years later and we still have cornice missing in the kitchen where we pulled out the overhead cupboards! xx

  6. Oh well, it all comes together when it comes together, no? I grew up in a house that took my parents 12 years to renovate, and I have to admit that I have nothing but good memories of it all. How many other six year olds were given lessons in how to hang sheetrock after all?

  7. Wow I think you guys have achieved an amazing amount in what is really a short time. One thing renovating teaches though is patience and that everything takes longer than you think, cheers Katherine

  8. Good luck I'm sure you will achieve it....I love your chandelier..just catching up on past posts..have a great day Kym X

  9. I feel like we are in the same boat! I am also renovating an old Queenslander with my husband. We have set a 5 year target... We are two years in and I decided to start a blog about it this week. Feel free to have a look. I can sympathise about VJ's as I have 'no gapped' many prior to painting!!! Not fun!!!

  10. Good luck! We've been in our house for five years this summer and have barely touched our original list.

  11. Hi again, I just wanted to let you know that I have left an award for you on my blog today! Have a great weekend! xx

  12. LUCK ! it took me 6 years to finally get the bathroom reno done!
    ~laura x

  13. That's the thing about ALWAYS takes longer than first anticipated..Rachaelxx

  14. I think achieving half your list is definitely an achievement. I know what being impatient is like though. I want everything in our house done yesterday!


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