Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Earth wire to planet VJ

Earth wires

Out of the blue, late yesterday afternoon, Carlo the Electrician called.

"Do you still want me to fix up your earth?"

"I sure do."

"Ok. I'll be around tomorrow. Is 7am ok? We should be there most of the day and I'll have a couple of guys who'll be helping," said Carlo.

"No problems," I casually drawled.

"Sh*t!" I sighed when I hung up the phone.

Carlo, my dear, you must give a woman more than 15 hours notice to mentally prepare for such a visit. But I was hardly going to tell him no, was I?

A few weeks ago, Carlo came over to hang a chandelier for me. It was then we discovered there was no earth for all our lighting, apart from the new lights in our kitchen.

Most houses our vintage have no earth wires, but they usually get rewired along the ownership chain. We assumed our house had been rewired. I don't know why we thought that? Denial. Perhaps we weren't prepared to put our hands into our empty pockets again to pay for something as invisible as electrical wiring....?

Anyway my grand plans of buying more light fittings for the bedrooms never became a reality. One light is a pretty poor effort. Damn you, procrastination!

As promised, Carlo rocked up bright and early with Warwick and Robert the Apprentice who were going to do most of the work. This morning they managed to lay all the earth cable in the main part of the house which is great.

Coral light being earthed

The big problem was it started to drizzle continuously throughout the morning. The boys had to leave the sunroom for another time because to access the electrical wiring in that part of the house, they have to take off the roof. It wasn't going to happen today. And showers are predicted tomorrow.

They were very tidy workers. They even wiped the dirty marks from the fixtures and ceiling.

This is probably a blessing in disguise because now I can try to source some new light fittings rather than dreaming. I reckon I have some time up my sleeve before Carlo comes back...hopefully.

Retro mod light. It casts a gorgeous light in this otherwise dingy room.

On the plus side Number 1 son has the new mod light in his room which he dislikes.

Ha! I told him, as CEO of, "It'll grow on you."


  1. Please let No. 1 son know that his new light is very, very cool! It looks great up. We also have a David Trubridge light in our front room - don't you just love his designs?!! Hope everything gets fixed soon. Michelle

  2. When he gets a job and buys one he likes and can managage to get Carlo and crew back, he could probably choose his own style ha ha! I am probably vice president of

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  4. Electricity and plumbing are such a curse, aren't they. So invisible, so expensive, so not to brag about. Better in a way to spend a lifetime parlously on a very expensive sofa by candlelight.

  5. Well it is done now and you have your lights up which look great. Enjoy and know you are safe!

  6. Ha! I guess I'm the CEO of badgirlfriend dot com too!! I tell my dude the same thing.

  7. ya, i hate paying for hydro... or actually any bills for that matter.
    you can attach cool things to the new grounds tho... :)

  8. Bahahahaha! "It'll grow on you!"...Love it!
    And good work on getting the wiring fixed.

  9. The light in No 1 son's room looks very cool. Well done on keeping the house safe.

  10. I know all about these fun and games. Let me also tell you - Lyn hates being a sparky fr the very reason that you do all this tedious and cramped work and then no-one sees any of it! I have helped him on occassion and now know whay they charge so much!
    ps love your coral light!!

  11. Love you lights, they look great, but its never fun to spend money on the invisible stuff, my hubby is a sparky so thankfully we get to save in this area.


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