Thursday, 17 June 2010

The perfect outdoor chair

That is my quest.

We are down to our last three timber director's chairs on the deck. We used to have eight. The canvas fabric is perishing before our very eyes. (I was heavy-handed with a bottle of bleach a few years ago ...)

It has even gotten to the stage where our BBQ invitation list is dwindling in direct proportion to the demise of each chair.

We now only BBQ with one extra adult - the newly separated or constantly single. It doesn't make for a jovial BBQ atmosphere.

So, the perfect outdoor chair. Does it exist?

My criteria:
  1. must be able to endure damp weather and harsh afternoon sun on a covered deck
  2. cannot be too heavy or large
  3. cannot be padded
  4. look good (according to me)

Here are some contenders on my list:

Calligaris Hero-chair
image courtesy from here

 Italian - with leanings towards Swiss cheese.

Jenny cafe chair
Image courtesy from here

Very plain and also the cheapest on my list. The cafe up the road has something similar and they were very likeable in person.

IKEA urban chair
image from here

I've heard these urban chairs are not comfortable or is that a malicious rumour?

Ebay - Vintage tulip style fibre glass chairs

 Not sure who made these chairs but I have friends who have a similar set and they look fantastic on their deck.

Sebel Integra
Image from here

I like vintage Sebel chairs but will my deck look like a pub's beer garden. Hmmm...I could live with that anology if the beer is low carb and cold enough...

What do you have as outdoor dining chairs? I'm very interested because I don't like to reinvent the wheel.


  1. I am in love with the calligaris in white....I have also found a really cool black plastic wishbone looking chair that I think will win for me...I have the same pre-requisites for my search of new outdoor chairs.
    Good luck...and let us know what you decide.

  2. Hard choices! Do they ever really last that long! I am not sure that they make stuff to last in the application they are meant for! All of our 'outdoor' furniture always looks horrible by the 2nd summer. Why call it outdoor furniture if you have to bring it inside when you are not using it? Anyway.... sorry just ranting. I love the pink one but I know my men would be most upset if I brought it home! xx

  3. I have painted wooden garden furniture (painted it myself in cheerful yellow and red), but though I love the chairs they sure take some lugging around. Your prospective choices look a lot more sensible, and the first one gets my vote as being the most frivolous.

  4. Hmm, we currently have those crappy green plastic ones that I really don't like. I like the pink one you show above but have to admit I have been lusting after some adirondacks or maybe a cane number that I can paint a pretty colour. Of course not so durable but if I pick the right spot for them they wouldn't get wet.
    Decisions, decisions... :)

  5. Wouldn't recommend the vintage fiber ones. They always look better in the photos and I don,t think they are very comfy. I am really loving the first ones like they have at cliffs cafe. Went there yesterday and was there
    for maybe over 2 hours and they were really comfy and look great, cheers Katherine

  6. i like the pink swiss cheese ones. i think the ventilation would be good on a hot day with a cold pint.

  7. Hmm, tricky decision Anita as there are many to choose from. My first consideration stems from my arachnaphobia, therefore does the chair have too many nooks and crannies that a spider could call home. I am leaning towards those vintage tulip babies, very funky.

  8. We have Panton chairs as our outdoor chairs. They are comfortable, stackable and hardwearing. I like the look of the Ikea chairs, however, I have never sat in one. Good luck with the search. Michelle

  9. We have black rattan with cushions from domayne so Im not much help, but I do look forwrd to seeing what you choose! Good luck!!

  10. I LOVE that first chair! That is exactly the sort of chair I thought you would get if you were getting new chairs. Does that make sense? Can you tell I am tired and ready for bed?

    We have the ubiquitous deck chairs at our place too and I cover them when we have guests. We also have a good old kwila table and chair set which we painted white. Functional, large, utilitarian but perfect when we have, parties.

    Good luck making a decision. I think you should at least get one more chair so you get maybe set up some blind dates for your single friend.

    Best wishes for a fabulous weekend,

  11. that pink one is awesome, love the design. and the ikea is a good stock standard to rely on. i really liked the lime colour tha one came in.

    have a fab weekend! jx

  12. Hmmm, a comfy chair does make all the difference in the world when it comes to BBQs, doesn't it? I vote for the those yummy looking tulip chairs. I think they're a fun pop of color, they look fairly comfortable (and they swivel?), and add great dose of style. I almost voted for the Swiss cheese chairs since they are unusual and fun, but maybe too much fun and not good long term. My patio chairs are boring, black iron! I have to perk them up with pillows and such.

  13. Ummmm... it is really easy to make replacement slings for director's chairs - have you thought of that?

  14. Hi, I have been lurking for a while but this is my first post. My teen son and I trawled garage sales for cheap outdoor chairs and bought some a mix of folding wood that we painted pink and purple; some folding tables and old wicker we painted grey, and some split cane we left alone. All up about 15 pieces for $150 including paint. We like the eclectic look of it.

  15. Thanks everyone for your feedback (especially Anonymous). I still don't know what option to go with but I have some food for thought now. I have thought of replacment slings too but sewing is not my forte...Anyway, I'll let you know what I decide. x


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