Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Mod light

retro mod light

Here is the light which I purchased last week at the architectural salvage shop. It was worthy of a photograph this morning after it was cleaned - it was covered in a thick layer of dust.  

I don't know what vintage it is exactly. Maybe 70s? You have to love the copper anodised parts. Anyway, it has the right "look" for the house and is destined for one of the boys' rooms.

There is a paucity of good affordable lighting shops here in Brisbane, so my eyes are always peeled for vintage lights. It just requires patience and knowing what you like.


  1. That's cool - I'd say 70's as well. We don't have a lot of choice down here either - I'd be really happy if we just had Ikea - I'd never omplain again!

  2. Love, love, love that light fitting. Yes, it looks 70's - how cool! Can you post when it's in situ?

  3. Very smart and sleek, love it, cheers katherine

  4. It looks great and it doesn't even matter if one of those ugly spiral globes goes in it because you won't see it !!

  5. How exciting to finally find what you want! I think it will look great in your home. I hope the re-wiring is complete and you can put it up without any hassles.

  6. Oh dear, I feel so guilty. I chucked a whole heap of similiar ones into the dump bin when we moved into The Hedge 4 years ago! Many Hail Mary's for me @ Mass on Saturday nite.
    Millie ^_^

  7. My vote is for this being from the 70's as well. Love it! (And the tray you have it sitting on!)

  8. Looking so lovely!
    Have a happy Thursday. xx

  9. My parents have these lights in their house. They had 2 hanging king of offset (at 2 different lengths) over their stairs and matching ones in their lounge and dining. The ones in the stairs were exactly like yours and the others were square in the lounge and a larger more impressive version in the dining!?!?! (he-he) They built their house in 1972 and it has hardly change one bit since then!!

  10. What a great looking light


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