Monday, 28 June 2010

Rancho Relaxo

I channeled Marge Simpson and spent the weekend at Rancho Relaxo. Well, it wasn't called that but it had the same effect. It was actually a luxury retreat with private day spa in beautiful Byron Bay. 

A couple of good friends organised the weekend away and it was so much fun. A very self-indulgent thing to do especially while Jason stayed home to look after the three boys...but sometimes a girl needs a break. 

In my case this break was the first one without children since 2001.  I don't know why I never did this before? A fabulous chilled way to start the June/July school holidays.

The highlight was definitely the 90 minute back massage and facial in the timber hut outside our villa. Anymore relaxed and I could be dead!

Byron Bay and where we stayed.
images from here

The courtyard - the decor was Balinese inspired. Cedar windows and shutters and teak furniture featured heavily.

One of the three rooms in the beach villa


  1. good for you! every mum needs a weekend off now and then - you should make it an annual thing! jx

  2. 2001???? What are you thinking? So glad you had a lovely weekend, make sure you treat yourself a little more often. You are a busy mun and need time out with the girls on a regular (even annual) basis. I can totally understand as I am surrounded by boys as well and really look forward to a bit of girl time.

  3. Wow you lucky thing. It sounds devine and long overdue! xx

  4. Good for you Anita. What a beautiful setting to relax and take time out.
    Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book. I've yet to have a 'weekend away' and I've been married 24 years! Good grief - that looks worse written down than it did in my head.

  5. You lucky lady! It looks and sounds fabulous!

  6. Good on you Anita! Us Mums deserve a break sometime. Have a great day!

  7. Looks like an amazing place you lucky girl! But about time lovie! Fantastic inspiration for a painting, I bet it already seems like a dream, cheers katherine

  8. What a great getaway!! Beautiful setting!! So happy that I discovered your site.

    I hope you will join my designer Giveaway from Pillow Mint!

    Art by Karena

  9. What a treat Anita - and long long overdue. Don't feel guilty about it for even a second. Mind you I am so envious. xx

  10. Lucky you to get away alone for a little while - we can already sense your new serenity. Is these a gilt rancho relaxo cheese-parer for every one of your dear commentators?

  11. LOvely, good on you for taking a bit of Anita time. How lovely.

  12. Well done you after all those renovations and all that electrical work. Love the new look of your blog too! Very swish - and in keeping with a beautifully renovated Sow's Ear ;-) You've just made me miss Byron Bay though ...

  13. Oh no, you're torturing me..Sounds wonderful, glad you enjoyed it..Rachaelxx

  14. ohh it looks lovely. I have never done the weekend away from hubby and the kids either and now with Aston just arriving not sure that will happen in the near future but I will get there one day. I hope you enjoy yourself and well done to hubby for staying home with the boys too.


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