Monday, 7 June 2010

Awards and Jason revealed

There is some very important business to attend to - the business of award(s) acceptance. Yes, you saw, awards because there are several!!

I'd like to thank the lovely people who have given me The Versatile Blogger award. Sarah from  Molly's Maison, Nellie from McCarthy Designs and Michelle from Paper Tree Design.

I never realised my versatility until now - it has been reaffirmed three times!

Actually, I do love getting awards. There is nothing better than to know people read the blog and like it. Thanks a million. It is very much appreciated.

As I've already revealed interesting fact about myself here, wouldn't it be really fun is to reveal seven interesting facts about Jason? He is developing a bit of a his mind...

Seven things about Jason you might find interesting:

1. appeared in a number of feature films. You may remember him from such productions as Bible Squad, No Smoking, Sh*t List and Random Violence III. His Director is now a mover and shaker in the movie industry on the strength of these films, while Jason's acting potential was never fully realised. (They were amateur short films and no nudity was involved.)

2. possesses an encyclopaedic knowledge of military history. Name a battle, any battle. There are limited uses for this talent.

3. was asked to pose nude for a photographic exhibition after finding fame on the Brisbane Blogosphere. Nudes on iconic chairs. Oh and he's considering it. Seriously.

4. lived in a small country town near Toowoomba as a young child.

5. does not watch sport. He does't even know the names of the State of Origin Captains. Seriously, when he is invited to corporate boxes, he goes for the food and bluffs his way through the night.

6. remembers clearly the Queenslander home that his parents owned in Fairfield before they moved to the country

7. had brown hair, before his genetic history robbed him of his fine mane. He shaves his head now but most of his friends think he's a blonde.

I need to nominate 15 people for this award and because I'm a weakling, I always opt out of this part of the award acceptance. It is very hard to single out just a few....

I have updated my blog roll and there are a few new blogs, so why don't you check them out. I read them.

Also, you may have noticed there is an ad on my blog. Sorry if it offends you. I'm just experimenting and working out what to do with the blog.

I laughed when I saw it. Mickey Mouse is perhaps symbolic of my ability to generate advertising revenue!! No doubt an omen.


  1. Congrats Anita! Very much deserved! Your so great at blogging & always have something interesting for us to read!!

    Wow! Jason an actor! That's so Awesome! Love the name of that town! AU has some of the coolest names! Tell him I'd advise against #3.. lol!

    Hope you guys have a Beautiful week!
    Big Hugs ~ Teresa

  2. We live for these little snippets about Jason. If it weren't for that and your undoubted versatility, I really don't see how we could go on.

  3. Wow. A husband who doesn't like sport. I think you are pretty lucky. I am similarly blessed.

    And if he is into military history tell Jason to check out Blogtopia, I discovered during my Fig Sorbet for Cato post that there is a whole blog devoted to the Third Punic War. And probably the Napoleonic wars, if he looked, and probably the Falklands. And probably the Boer War. And so on.

  4. your blog is so fun.... no wonder so many people enjoy it.
    i could use a jason clone. he sounds like fun too!
    ~laura x
    ps... i think i saw split enz once...

  5. You are most welcome, and very deserving of this award! Thanks for the facts about Jason - my husband is also a walking war encyclopaedia (what is that all about?), however, he is also a keen sports fan (just my luck). It's nice to have a small insight into the men who support us. Michelle

    p.s. remind Jason that before he considers 'no. 3' the image will always be out there in the blogosphere ..... for anyone to see ..... it could come back to bite him when he's famous!!!

  6. Firstly, the blog makeover looks fantastic Anita! Nicely zhuzzed. Love the new header banner. And congratulations on your awards. Can't say I remember Jason in those movies - his talent was obviously under-utilised. I'm afraid sport is numero uno in this house with rugby most dominant of course. Think yourself lucky!

  7. Very nice, fun and interesting!! Love your site!

    Art by Karena

  8. I admit to being a tad nervous when I firt read your post title...'jason revealed', phew is all I can say now, haha if he lived in Crows that would be weird as I hale from those parts...please please Jason I hope you don't end sentences with, in "are you coming with? a terrible toowoomba ism...they don't end sentences haha cheers Katherine

  9. Not sure if my first comment went through or not...just wanted to congratulate you on your awards - they're well deserved as we really enjoy your blog.
    Will Jason be selling autographed photographs on the blog soon? :)

  10. Congratulations on your awards!! I know what you mean about passing on awards it's very hard when there are so many great blogs out there! :-)

  11. Excellent post, you make me laugh!

  12. Hi Anita, thanks for your comments today and congrats on the award(s) and new look site. I think my Hubby is angling for a bit more kudos on my blog. LOL!

  13. Congratulations on the award and thanks for sharing Jason. I'm sure the ladies enjoyed that one ;) Kym x

  14. Anita, big congratulations, you've just won my giveaway!! Happy spending! :-)

    I just need you to send me your postal address and full name so I can pass them on to Buyster.

    You can contact me at



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