Thursday, 20 March 2014

We're in the new house

You just have to wonder why we do it to ourselves when we pack up our entire life to fit into one large moving truck?

We've just done it and to be honest I don't think we'll be rushing to move again for a very long, long time. It's confronting to realise (for closet hoarders like me, that is) the little bits of memorabilia we have been holding on to for many years can be so easily discarded in the rubbish bin on moving day!

front entry (with dusty footprints for authenticity)

There are packing boxes, pictures frames and quite random sh*t scattered throughout the new house, but at least we are in our new digs. It's slowly starting to feel like home, but we can't wait until we have more time to devote to putting our things in their proper placed.

Living and dining rooms

We spent most of the weekend getting the new place into some semblance of order, while this week has been preparing the Sow's Ear to be tenanted. You should see the poor old piggy; naked and bare. I'll show you some photos as a final farewell to the our old home.

So, onwards and upwards as they say. We do have quite a bit to do on this mid-century house which will now be the main focus of our blog. I guess the principal aim is to show how mid-century homes are worth saving too - they don't necessarily have to be knocked down or  be completely gutted. The blog will be about embracing the modernist style and tweakng it to suit how we live in 2014.

We've already made some small improvements and I can't wait to share them with you.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Full circle, a new beginning

I've been deliberating for a few weeks on how I would write this blog post...

Firstly, let me share with you the very long awaited photograph I received through the distant relatives of the original owners of the Sow's Ear...

Yes, that's the Sow's Ear when it was being re-stumped to accommodate a new garage and under the house area...I'm not sure who is in the photo but I assume it would be Zoila...

We had always wondered what the front verandah looked like and were curious to see what the original stairs were like. Sadly, this photo doesn't show the style of stairs but we are so happy to see a record was kept of the evolution of this home over the past 85 years.

This next photo shows the house bricked in under with the new garage, new brick stairs, closed-in front verandah and side extensions on the left (our master bedroom has a bay of windows). My guess is this photo is from the 1950s?...

Uncannily these photographs arrived the day we received word another house we put an offer on went unconditional. Yes, we've bought another place. We're leaving the Sow's Ear and will be moving house in the next fortnight.The timing could not be any eerier.

Nonetheless, I could not find a more fitting end than this. We are still keeping the Sow's Ear and have found the loveliest tenants who will appreciate the old house as much as what we did.  I guess we're not ready to say a final farewell just yet.

And so starts a new adventure in another home - an architect designed mid-century home with wonderful restoration potential. I hope you will keep reading the blog and join us in this next chapter of life.

A nook in our new mid mod home
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